Alexandra Daddario Looks Gorgeous In Sheer Dress At Event, But Trying To Take Off All That Makeup Later Is So Relatable

There are a slew of adjectives that can be used to describe actresses on any given red carpet. Classy, gorgeous, glam, posh, and glitz all come to mind. But while entire style teams are devoted to getting actors and actresses up to snuff for upcoming movie premieres and other events, and we sometimes even get to see the before and after process as it is happening, we rarely get to see the aftermath of a big night out. Which is why White Lotus star Alexandra Daddario’s recent post was so refreshing. 

The actress is known for her fashion sense and she was nothing short of stunning at a Hilton and American Express event in New York City earlier this month. In fact, she donned a see-through lace number in black and paired it with a red lip. In a post on Instagram, she showed off how the look played out on the red carpet. What we’re not used to seeing? Trying to get that makeup off hours later. Take a look. 

Screenshot of Alexandra Daddario post American Express event on Instagram.

(Image credit: Alexandra Daddario Instagram)

Honestly, if you have ever in your life worn a heavily pigmented lipstick – red is often a big offender – getting that stuff off can be a gigantic hassle, even if you are using some old school tips and tricks like Vaseline. Lip liner in particular can be among the most annoying types of makeup to get off, and that seems to be what’s happening here. But it’s certainly something most female fans of the actress should be able to relate to. 

I’m personally not sure I’d ever have the chutzpah to post a smeared makeup look on social media. Yet Daddario has no trouble poking fun at herself occasionally after a big night out, which is one of the reasons she’s popular on social media. 

The Baywatch cast member has proved over the years that she loves a good dress-up session for a big event, and we’ve seen Daddario go from towel to glam in the past. She also frequently has favored sheer looks at events like a TAG Heuer ‘fit from earlier this year. That was also evidenced again this week as Daddario rocked another see-through outfit for the opening of Saks Fifth Avenue’s holiday window display.  

Baby, it’s getting cold outside, and I don’t know how much longer the actress will be able to stay on trend with these killer sheer dresses, but I keep thinking the see-through trend will die off and instead it keeps proving to have staying power. There are so many ways and materials to accentuate a sheer look as well, and actresses like Halle Bailey (and her Oscars princess dress), Florence Pugh (and her free-the-nipple dress), and Halle Berry (and her similar mesh dress) and so many more have figured out how to dress in the style but still maintain their own personal sartorial flair. 

But I suppose even if the look does pause in the coming months, there’s always summer. 

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