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Kody Brown to Meri: Want Me to PRETEND to Love You?!?

Kody Brown really is such a sweetheart, you guys.

He’s just so caring and thoughtful and he really does put other people’s feelings before his own.

We’re kidding.

As evidenced by a look at this Sunday’s brand new episode of Sister Wives.

Kody Brown and Meri Brown are no longer a couple. The latter should be thankful for this. (TLC)

“I’m willing to fake being in love with Meri. Doing my duties as a husband. Sort of putting up with things that frustrate me so deeply that I struggle to be around her,” Kody says in a sneak peek uploaded by Us Weekly.

He adds in this footage:

“If I need to for the sake of, whatever, I don’t know. I can fake through this.”

How benevolent of the guy, right?!?

Meri Brown versus Kody Brown
Meri Brown is trying her best to move on after a failed marriage to Kody. (TLC)

To be clear, this upcoming episode was filmed about a year ago.

On January 10, Kody and Meri confirmed they had terminated their marriage.

They did so following years of celibacy, as we previously learned the couple had not slept together in a decade because Kody divorced Meri in 2014 so he could marry Robyn Brown instead.

This led to a great deal of tension between the former spouses… and it also led to Meri getting caught up in a catfishing scandal after she tried to connect with someone she met on the Internet.

Meri Brown with a look
Meri Brown has quite a look on her face in this Sister Wives interview. (TLC)

“Meri had an affair. She was leaving my ass. She made it clear to everybody that she was getting out of there. She was done with us. She can’t admit it now,” Kody said on the Sister Wives Season 16 one-on-one special.

Citing the catfish, Kody claimed the family “circled the wagons” to “protect her when she realized she’d been dupped,” adding:

“She was deceived. She found something better. She was leaving me for a better, richer man.”

Meri has taken extreme exception to this description of events… and she tried for a very long time to stick around in her marriage for the sake of her family.

Meri Brown and Kody Brown photograph
Meri Brown has some serious side eye here for ex Kody Brown. (TLC)

On the November 19 installment of Sister Wives, Meri says in her own confessional that she thinks Kody checked out of their relationship years ago.

“Why is he saying he’s willing to keep acting when he clearly hasn’t been for eight or 10 years?” she asks in the clip, which was filmed in fall 2022.

“Also, I wouldn’t want him to do that. I’ve wanted to heal our relationship and even create a new relationship, but I’ve never insisted on it.”

Oddly, Kody then basically breaks up with Meri WITH ROBYN ALSO IN THE ROOM.

Kody Brown photograph
Kody Brown appears to be both sad and confused in this photo from a Sister Wives episode. (TLC)

“This is the agreement you required of me in order to get married,” Kody says while looking Robyn in the eye and speaking about his broken union with Meri.

“This agreement that I gave you, our sacred covenant, was if I’m ever not in love with you, I won’t just sit there and be in a pathetic place with you.”

Robyn then is the person who starts to cry.

“It’s not fair to either of us. It’s not fair for me to be alone like I have been for years. It’s not fair for him to feel like he has to do a duty,” Meri says to Robyn in the preview of her current dynamic with Kody, before admitting “it’s not what I want.”

And yet… we hope Meri now realizes it really is for the best.

Kody, for his part, concludes in this sneak peek by telling the women, “It’s not what I wanted either.”


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