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Robert Pattinson Reveals He Slept on an ‘Inflatable Boat’ While Home Had No Furniture

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We’ve all had to sleep on an uncomfortable piece of furniture, whether it be a bad futon, a deflating air mattress, or an unfitting mattress. Robert Pattinson opened up about his own experience with an unorthodox sleeping place in a new interview with Architectural Digest, published on Wednesday, November 15. The Batman star, 37, revealed that he spent six months sleeping on an “inflatable boat,” while furnishing his home.

Robert was speaking with the magazine about his collaboration with designer Nicole Gordon to make his “dream sofa.” While the piece looks fabulous and truly dream-like, Robert opened up about his past sleeping arrangements when asked about his worst sofa. “My least favorite could also be my most favorite,” he quipped.

The Twilight alum admitted that he found plenty of uses for the inflatable boat, but he revealed that the stretch he had sleeping on the inflatable bed was probably not the best for his back. “There was a time when the only piece of furniture I had for about six months was an inflatable boat that would double as my couch, bed, and dining table,” he said. “I loved it very much but it caused a lot of back problems.”


While sleeping on some sort of inflatable may require a trip to the chiropractor afterward, Robert did show that some of the whimsical nature of using it as a piece of furniture may have inspired his new project. He said that his sketches encouraged people to “interact in a playful and informal way” with the piece. “They all had disproportionate, oversized elements that were quite fun. And in the process of making some models out of clay, I found that organic overlapping curves had a similar effect,” he said.

Robert didn’t explain when he was sleeping on the inflatable boat, but it seems likely that it was some time in the distant past. In more recent years, he’s been romantically involved with singer and actress Suki Waterhouse, and they appear very happy together. 

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