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Reese Witherspoon’s Kid’s College Apartment Is Pretty Nice

Even Deacon Phillippe, son of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, has to suffer the quirks of New York City real estate.

Deacon, a 20-year-old student at New York University, invited TikTok personality Caleb Simpson into his West Village apartment for a brief tour. While the younger child of the divorced Hollywood couple (sister Ava is 24) seems to enjoy relatively impressive square footage for the area, he also enjoys multiple roommates, a spiral staircase, and a bathroom door that just barely avoids knocking into the sink vanity. We’re talking a game of inches, here, if that.

On the quick walkthrough, Simpson is introduced to Jack and Jaden, Deacon’s roommates, as well as the inside of their fridge. Eggs, Fage yogurt, a carton of coconut water, a gently used bottle of blue Gatorade (excellent flavor choice)—nothing too terribly shocking to reveal, and a nice variety of proteins. It even looks like there’s a package of meat in there. The food pyramid commends them.

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The apartment also boasts a wall of vinyl records, a festive little pumpkin on the living room’s coffee table, and some not-so-typical for college kids gigantic wall art. More surprising is that, judging by the row of well-maintained sneakers lined up by the door and Jack and Jaden’s sock-footed status, Deacon and Co. maintain a largely shoes-off household. (Deacon wears his Nikes throughout the video, but we’ll forgive him. Special occasion.)

Deacon gives a glimpse into his bedroom, complete with a keyboard and some sound mixing equipment, unsurprising for the recording artist and music student. “I mostly make music on my computer,” he shared, playing a snippet of a track and doing the requisite bopping along to himself. Simpson’s review: “That’s cool.”

Up that perilous wrought iron spiral staircase, in another of the apartment’s bedrooms, comes the big reveal: Everyone’s getting ready to play Fortnite. It’s being redownloaded as the video is filmed.

In January, Deacon posted an Instagram carousel of images of his college life, including a shot of him sitting on what appears to be a dorm-standard extra-long twin-size bed, risers included. Dad Ryan, in the post’s comments, deemed it “illlllllllll.”

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