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Dallas Nuez: What Does Kalani’s Boyfriend Do for a Living?

The latest sweet photo of Kalani Faagata and boyfriend Dallas Nuez has fans calling out their renewed congratulations.

But a lot of her longtime followers still have questions — and concerns.

Though we know a lot about Dallas, there are still some things that he hasn’t answered.

What does Kalani’s new man do for a living?

On her Instagram profile photo in August 2023, Kalani Faagata appears in a selfie. She looks great … and that appears to be Dallas Nuez by her side. This was months before Kalani posted more of him to her feed. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Dallas Nuez has a license by California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

This is a government department that recognizes professions with key security responsibilities and access.

These jobs range from locksmiths to security officers to private investigators and beyond. Naturally, a government license helps people to distinguish longstanding professionals from crooks and swindlers.

A photo of Kalani Faagata and Dallas Nuez and Kalani's children, Oliver and Kennedy. She is using slices of emojis to censor the faces of the adults. Text teases that she may one day share unredacted photos.
In mid-November of 2023, Kalani Faagata shared this photo to her Instagram Story. It features boyfriend Dallas Nuez and both of her children, Oliver and Kennedy. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Which of those lines of work does Dallas do?

He works as a security guard.

We don’t know all of the details of that — which is really for the best. Between his right to privacy and the nature of the job, there has to be a limit on how much minutiae leaks out.

Dallas Nuez appears in an Instagram Story photo, standing in chest-deep ocean water and facing away from the camera.
At the very end of October 2023, Kalani Faagata officially shared boyfriend Dallas Nuez on her Instagram Story. She had waited years to find this happiness. Good for her! (Image Credit: Instagram)

Some people have second jobs, especially in our world’s nightmarish economy where wages stagnate while prices increase.

Thus far, we don’t know if Dallas has a secondary source of income.

However, a number of Kalani’s fans wonder if their relationship might open a major new door for him.

Dallas Nuez faces the camera in an Instagram STory post. There is one person with a visible face and two people with blurred faces near him.
On October 31, 2023, Dallas Nuez revealed his face on Instagram for the first time. He did not explain who the people with him on his Instagram Story photo were, but that’s okay. (Image Credit: Instagram)

There is always a possibility that Dallas could capitalize off of his secondhand fame.

Many 90 Day Fiance cast members do Instagram promotions and more, things that they could never have done without their stint on reality TV.

Kalani has done better than most — modeling Rihanna’s alluring clothing line. (Rihanna is a superfan of the series)

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata flaunts her ample assets in black lingerie, with her makeup styled to match. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

It’s possible. But Dallas isn’t exactly a household name. Remember, he has never appeared on any of the shows — and only received mention on one.

Not everyone watched 90 Day: The Last Resort, and only a percentage of those folks follow The Hollywood Gossip or other sources for more details.

It also doesn’t look like Dallas plans to change that any time soon. During a Q&A just a little over a week ago, Dallas affirmed that he has no plans to join the TLC franchise.

As much as Dallas Nuez appreciates the congratulatory messages and the interest, he has no inclination to become a reality TV personality. That’s probably for the best. (Image Credit: Instagram)

We have noted that reality TV can tear couples apart.

Sometimes it helps them to be better partners, but between the pressures of filming and the backlash, the odds are against on-screen couples.

Dallas has other options. But that doesn’t mean that he isn’t good at his job.

Tammy Pulaa to Kalani Faagata - I'm gonna beat you up!
Kalani technically has enemies. Tammy Pulaa has certainly been vocal about her violent intentions. (Image Credit: TLC)

And we mostly mean this as a joke, but Asuelu’s sister violently threatened Kalani and at least some of her family members.

Maybe the divorce means that Tammy has lost interest in “beating up” Kalani and Kolini. Or maybe not.

But at least she has an actual security expert by her side.

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