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15 Best Metal Wallets – Protective And Stylish Options 2023

Open up the average men’s wallet, and odds are you’ll find a heap of stuff that doesn’t really need to be there. We’re talking receipts from 2016, expired train tickets, and a tatty (but cute) passport photo of your kid or spouse (okay, that one should stay). Once you remove these unnecessary items, you’re left with a whole lotta space that you don’t know what to do with.

But instead of finding more crap to fill it, you should take advantage of this sartorial cleansing and reevaluate your money-holding options. Step forward—the best metal wallets. They take up half the amount of room in your pocket but still have plenty of space to store your plastic and a few notes. Better yet, their durability is unrivaled, so you’ll never have to worry about pulling out your battered wallet in public ever again.

To help you find the best metal wallet for men, we’ve done some serious digging and pulled together what we consider the finest on the market. Keep reading and make your upgrade today.

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Metal: Aluminum | Dimensions: 86x54x6 mm | Colors Available: Gunmetal

For something that gets used as often as a men’s wallet, isn’t it funny how little thought goes into buying one? Most guys fall into one of two categories. They’re either the owner of a bashed-up wallet they purchased years ago or a new one they received for Christmas (and never really liked). We say it’s time for a change.

Killing two birds with one stone, this version from The Ridge is not only pretty indestructible (unless you start hitting it with a hammer), but it looks awesome too. Made from lightweight aluminum, it cleverly uses elastic to expand and hold up to 12 cards—but you’d never know you’re carrying that much plastic. There’s the essential RFID protection, plus a money clip perfect for holding a little cash.


Metal: Aluminum | Dimensions: 141x 91×16 mm | Colors Available: Black, Blue, Green, +

Nothing ruins a suit or smart pair of slacks more than some unsightly bulking at the pockets caused by an overloaded wallet. Which is why investing in a slim design makes total sense. Our pick of the bunch is this one from Vulkit.

Made of premium aluminum, it can hold up to five standard-sized credit cards, but you’ll have to leave the cash at home (a small price to pay for the slender style). It comes in at just 0.8cm thin and weighs only 53g, so you’ll hardly even realize you’re carrying it around. The RFID technology protects you from unwanted wireless communication—bonus. Overall, it’s a great alternative to the ridge wallet.


Metal: Stainless Steel | Dimensions: 86x54x6 mm | Colors Available: Silver, Black, Blue, +

When it comes to the best metal wallets, less really is more. Minimalist designs are not only super slick, but they can work with pretty much anything in your wardrobe. Whether you’re wearing your favorite suit or jeans and a tee, this design from Nimalist will fit right in.

Complete with RFID blocking technology, it boasts a simple yet stylish design that’s available in colors such as silver, black, and blue. You can carry around up to 16 credit cards, plus the attached money clip will hold a bunch of bills. What impresses us most is the quick-access feature; it allows you to select the card you want with just a push of your fingertip.

Mulberry Money Clip

Metal: Unknown  | Dimensions: 60×30 mm | Colors Available: Silver

If you want to travel light (we’re talking super light), then a metal clip wallet is definitely worth checking out. Perfect for the stylish minimalist, they’re used to store cash and credit cards in a very compact fashion.

This version from Mulberry is a fine option for any dapper dresser. Made from polished silver-tone metal with the label’s iconic lettering, it’s the kind of accessory that screams sophistication. We’re imagining you pulling it from your suit pocket as you pay for your Vesper Martini (shaken, not stirred, of course).


Metal: Aluminum | Dimensions: 118x65x17 mm | Colors Available: Gray, Bronze, Blue, +

With rising costs of gas, utility bills, and groceries, we’re all looking at ways to save some cash at the moment. So we’ve found a budget-friendly metal wallet that definitely appears a lot more expensive than its price tag suggests.

Boasting a futuristic design and RFID technology, this version from Biigell looks like it belongs in the latest science fiction action film. Basically, if RoboCop had pockets, we bet you’d find this metal wallet inside. Not just easy on the eye, it can easily house up to 15 cards and a few notes without stretching. The lanyard hole is an added bonus for anyone wanting to hang it around their neck.

The Ridge Carbon Wallet

Metal: Titanium  | Dimensions: 86x54x6 mm | Colors Available: Olive, Blue, Black, +

We all know the feeling; you wake up after a heavy night on the town, check your bank balance, and insist you’ve been the victim of credit card fraud. Only to then realize you just spent a little too much on double bourbons. Now imagine that feeling, but this time it’s for real. Having money stolen sucks, so you should be doing all you can to prevent it.

Step forward this RFID-blocking wallet from The Ridge (which offers some of the best metal wallets around). Scratch-resistant wallet in ultra-lightweight carbon fiber, it doesn’t only look great but also protects you against wireless theft. You can store up to 12 credit cards, plus you can choose from a strap or clip (or both) to keep some cash safe.


Metal: Aluminum  | Dimensions: 91x60x19 mm | Colors Available: Silver, Green, Black, +

Whether you’re buying a gift or looking to mark your territory, a personalized metal wallet is a great place to start. It’s also a pretty cool way to ensure you never end up with the same one as somebody else. You could include initials, a special date, phrase, or time. Get creative

Slim and super lightweight, this one from FeiYen is made of premium aviation aluminum with RFID blocking protection. It can easily hold 12 cards, while there’s a removable money clip to keep your notes in place.


Metal: Aluminum/Faux Leather  | Dimensions: 106x76x15 mm | Colors Available: Gray, Black, Blue, Red, +

If you’re a man of habit, you may be finding it hard to say goodbye to your old bifold wallet. We understand. To make the transition easier, we highly recommend picking out a metal wallet that shares some similarities. And as luck would have it, we’ve found just the thing.

Made from a mixture of aluminum and faux leather, it features a flap front, ID window, and a secret compartment. Opening up just like a bifold, it’s compact and lightweight yet big enough to keep both cards and cash safe. Of course, the RFID protection gives you that extra level of security.


Metal wallets are great; they do away with unnecessary space, leaving you with a super streamlined, lightweight design that doesn’t leave your pockets looking bulky. But what the hell do you do with your cash?

This offering from Hayvenhurst comes with a handy money clip, which is ideal for keeping your notes safe. Coins will have to go in your pocket, but there’s enough room to hold up to 12 of your regular-sized cards. As far as security goes, there’s no need to panic—your plastic will be shielded by even the most powerful RFID readers.

Metal: Aluminum  | Dimensions: 108x87x19 mm | Colors Available: Carbon Fiber, Red, Gray, +


Metal: Stainless Steel  | Dimensions: 101x55x17 mm | Colors Available: Gray, Black, Green, +

We don’t know him personally, so we couldn’t tell you exactly how Bear Grylls keeps his cash and card safe. But, if we were to hazard a guess, we’d bet he’s the proud owner of a tactical metal wallet.

Our favorite is this one from Extremus. Framed in stainless steel for durability and strength, it’s clearly built for the guy who likes to explore the great outdoors, as it’s designed to remain in pristine condition even after battling the elements and tricky terrains. There’s plenty of space cards and cash, plus it comes with elasticated sides which expand for more room.

The Ridge titanium wallet

Metal: Titanium  | Dimensions:  86x54x6 mm | Colors Available: Burnt Titanium, Gunmetal, Black, +

The crème de la crème of metal wallets for men are made from titanium. Not just ultra-thin and lightweight, they also offer unbeatable strength and toughness. If you’re willing to spend a little more, we guarantee you’ll reap the benefits.

Made from grade 5 titanium, this metal wallet for men uses elastic to expand and hold up to 12 cards. The RFID technology prevents wireless theft, while you have the option of adding on a strap or clip for your cash. It’s backed by the brand’s lifetime warranty, which goes some way to show how confident they are in its durability.


Metal: Aluminum l  | Dimensions: 91x58x25 mm | Colors Available: Gray, Black, Carbon Fiber

Good news; if you’ve been lining your wallet in tin foil to stop scammers from stealing your details, you can stop now. The best metal wallets offer you all the protection you need, plus a helluva lot more. Case in point is this next version from New-Bring.

From opening doors to popping beer bottles, there’s not much it can’t do. In fact, there’s so much going on, you could mistake it for a Swiss Army knife. Above all else, though, it acts as a brilliant place to keep your monetary essentials safe. There’s room for all your cards, as well as offering a clip at the back to secure your notes.


Metal: Stainless Steel | Dimensions: 83x53x5 mm | Colors Available: Silver

Stainless steel metal wallets offer great value for money. They may be heavier than aluminum or titanium, but they’re just as durable and often considerably cheaper. You could argue that they’re the better choice for guys working in the construction trade—or any other job where wallet damage is a possibility.

Our top pick is from Martrams, which we think looks a lot pricier than it actually is. Minimal in design with plenty of room for your plastic, this metal wallet for men is a fantastic budget-friendly option that will easily fit into the pocket of your favorite pants. No stone is left unturned, as it’s completely safe against RFID scanners too.


Metal: Aluminum | Dimensions: 102x65x21 mm | Colors Available: Brown, Black, Blue, +

For those skeptical of making the move from the classic bi-fold to a shiny new metal wallet, there’s a meet-in-the-middle option that can make the transition a walk in the park. This Secrid cardholder combines the best of both worlds.

Wrapped in a brown leather case, it’s relatively small in size but comes with a rather impressive storage capacity. Open it up, and you’ll find enough room for plenty of cards, banknotes, and receipts (remember to chuck them out when they’re no longer needed). To put your mind at ease, the brand promises protection from bending, breaking, and wireless theft.


Metal: Aluminum  | Dimensions: 85.6x54x8.7 mm | Colors Available: Silver

Unlike a bulky bifold, the best metal wallets should fit comfortably into your front pocket without leaving any evidence it’s actually there. The benefits of being so discreet mean you can use one with whatever you’re wearing—it doesn’t matter if it’s formal or casual attire.

This streamlined front pocket design comes from Aviator. Made of brushed silver aluminum, it has space for up to 20 cards, which can be quickly accessed via a handy pull strap. There’s no room for notes, but you have the option to include an additional cash clip if you wish. The RFID protection gives you that desired peace of mind.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Metal Wallets For Men

What type of metal wallet you choose will be decided by a number of factors. You will have to consider your budget, how often it will be used, and what you want it to look like. The most affordable versions are made from stainless steel. While certainly durable, they’re also on the heavy side—so they may not be suitable for every day.

Type of Metal

Aluminum wallet’s strength-to-weight ratio is more impressive and should still be within most budgets. Titanium is the most luxurious and, as a result, the most expensive. Not just strong, it’s very resistant to bending and cracking, while it has an impressive scratch resistance too. If you can afford it, a titanium metal wallet is the perfect all-rounder.

Ridgewallet Outdoors
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They may be small, but the best metal wallets can have a whole lot more going on underneath the hood. There to make your life a little easier, look out for nifty features such as money clips, rapid release systems, and RFID protection. You should also make sure you check out the card capacity. Some may only hold a few, while others could fit around twenty.


The color of your metal wallet is down to personal preference. We would suggest opting for classic versions in gunmetal or silver for optimum versatility, but you may wish to choose something more colorful to show off some of your personality. Fair warning, you might struggle to find a wide variety of options for the latter, as many brands do tend to stick to the most conventional colors.


    • The best metal wallets are available in three types of materials: stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. Each has its own advantages and differs in price, durability, weight, and style. Out of the three, titanium is the most desirable. Not only is it the strongest, but it’s the lightest too. As you would expect, this often makes it the more expensive option.

      • RFID-blocking technology is now common practice for metal wallets. It’s an important feature that blocks any attempts at scanning your credit cards and copying the information. To be on the safe side, you should never just assume; checking the product description or features is the best way to make sure you’re protected from theft.

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