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Maren Morris Clarifies Plans in Country Music After Announcing Break

Maren Morris is getting back in the saddle.

Despite previously sharing plans to step back from country music, the singer revealed that she may not be done with the genre after all.

“I don’t think [country music is] something you can really leave because it’s a music that’s in me and that’s what I grew up doing,” Maren said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Nov. 7. ”It’s the music I write, even if I’ve been sort of genre-fluid my whole career.”

Reflecting on her past comments, the 33-year-old noted, “You can’t scrub the country music out. So, it was very hyperbolic.”

When host Jimmy Fallon asked the “Girl” artist point blank if she was leaving country music, Maren replied, “No, no.”

“I’m taking the good parts with me and all are welcome,” she continued. “But, yeah, there were just some facets of it that I didn’t really jibe with anymore. So, I’m a lot happier now.”

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