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Meri Brown to Kody Brown: Screw You, Dude! I’ve Moved On!

Meri Brown reached the stage of acceptance on Sister Wives this week.

And then she immediately went from their to defiance.

On the October 29 episode of this TLC reality show, Kody basically destroyed Meri, telling her — on the quasi couple’s anniversary! — that he never really loved her.

Ouch, huh?

Meri Brown and Kody Brown share this split screen via confessionals from Sister Wives. (TLC)

On this week’s installment, meanwhile, we picked things up about two months after this admission, with Meri bringing viewers up to date as follows:

“So the last couple of months has just been me doing a lot of processing and thinking and trying to figure things out,” she explained.

“Kody basically told me that he was never going to have a relationship with me and to basically don’t have any hope for it because it’s never going to happen.”

In January, Meri and Kody announced the termination of their marriage.

But Season 18 of Sister Wives was filmed long before this public confirmation.

Kody Brown and Meri Brown split screen
Kody Brown and Meri Brown are no longer a couple. The latter should be thankful for this. (TLC)

The spiritual spouses were legal spouses for quite awhile, of course, having gotten married in 1994.

They got divorced in 2014 so Kody could exchange vows with Robyn and therefore adopt her children from a previous marriage… and things fell apart from there for Meri and Kody.

On Sunday evening, Meri said it was “sad” that Kody saw no “value” in their decades together, admitting that she didn’t know how she wanted to move on given the latter’s confessed lack of romantic feelings toward her.

But then she bucked up big time.

Meri Brown versus Kody Brown
Meri Brown is trying her best to move on after a failed marriage to Kody. (TLC)

“Screw him, he’s not worth it,” said Meri in a confessional.

“It’s scary to think about [splitting for good]. It really is. Because it’s not what I wanted.

“I didn’t want him to come to me [and say], ‘I really just don’t want to ever have a relationship with you again’ … and yet, here we are.”

Indeed. This is where they are.

Meri has tried to pass along motivational messages to her followers in the wake of her split, but it can often be easier to say these types of things than to put them into action for oneself.

Meri Brown and her hair
What does everyone think? Meri Brown debuted a new hairstyle in July 2023. (Instagram)

On this new episode, Meri even touched on the catfishing episode that Kody believed to have been an example of cheating on her end.

“I was catfished quite a few years ago by a big fat liar,” she said on air.

“That whole story was so completely blown out of proportion and so much crap was made-up about it.

“And I still kind of have a hard time talking about it just because everybody has their opinions about it. But, like, I know my truth.”

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights on TLC at 10/9c.


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