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Kobe and Emily Bieberly Expecting Baby #3! 90 Day Fiance Alums Will Be a Family of 5!

All year, Kobe and Emily Bieberly have been making lists of 90 Day Fiance stars that fans want to see again.

During their season, Kobe began his K-1 visa journey and attempted to adjust to small town life with Emily’s family. They worked to conceal a second pregnancy until their wedding.

This time, however, there’s no concealing anything.

Emily and Kobe are expecting Baby #3!

Emily Bieberly gestures while seated beside husband Kobe Blaise at the Tell All Part 1. (Image Credit: TLC)

90 Day Fiance Season 9 introduced viewers to Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise. Now, reports list both of them with Emily’s surname (some suggest that “Blaise” was a stage name of Kobe’s).

The two had ups and downs all season, but made an overall good impression during the Tell All. Emily and Kobe have since joined the cast of Pillow Talk.

This week, Emily and Kobe shared their latest development through the 90 Day Fiance franchise’s own Instagram account.

During their season, Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise had a number of awkward moments. (Image Credit: TLC)

The announcement featured the family of four posing among the trappings of autumn weather.

Emily and Kobe have 4-year-old Koban and 2-year-old Scarlett.

The happy family appears overjoyed, showing off affection and sonogram photos alike as they share the news.

Awww! Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise kiss during their sweet wedding ceremony. (Image Credit: TLC)

“Congrats to Emily and Kobe who are welcoming a new baby next year!,” 90 Day Fiance‘s Instagram account’s caption reads.

A statement by Emily begins: “Kobe and I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome another beautiful baby into our family! Koban and Scarlett are both so excited.” Cute!

“They make sure to sing, kiss, and hug mommy’s belly every day,” Emily shared. “We have decided that baby #3’s gender will be a surprise. We can’t wait to become a family of 5 in 2024!”

As fans may recall, Kobe and Emily met several years ago, in China. Neither of them are Chinese — Emily is from Kansas, and Kobe is from Cameroon.

However, what might have been an extremely pleasant one-night stand turned into something more. Within weeks, Kobe proposed to Emily.

Emily soon learned that she was pregnant, and returned home before giving birth. Though visa issues and the COVID-19 pandemic kept them apart for too long, he was eventually able to join her and their young son, Koban, in the United States.

Emily and Kobe are overjoyed to see each other at the airport! (Image Credit: TLC)

It was, of course, very difficult and emotional for Kobe to go so long without meeting their son in person.

By this point, Koban was part of the family, and accustomed to Emily, her sister, and her parents. Kobe joining them was an adjustment for everyone, as even things like bedtime routines faced disruption.

As the two planned their wedding, Emily discovered that she had become pregnant again.

On their season of 90 Day Fiance, Kobe Blaise proposed to Emily Bieberly. (Image Credit: TLC)

Obviously, this pregnancy news would have been a challenge regardless. Emily and Kobe weren’t in a position to support a family of four on their own.

Emily’s parents (extremely likable people, just like her sister, and astonishingly reasonable and patient) had made one real request: that Emily and Kobe not have another child before moving out.

Though they did not plan to do so, Emily and Kobe did not meet that condition. Obviously.

Despite their conflict, Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise had some very fun moments. (Image Credit: TLC)

Sure enough, they waited until after their nuptials to break the news. By the time that they filmed the Tell All, Emily and Kobe had welcomed baby Scarlett.

The couple joined Pillow Talk to weigh in on other couples and their ongoing drama. The spinoff is largely a vehicle to keep fan favorites part of the franchise, rotating them in and out.

Now, Emily and Kobe are looking forward to their third child in 2024. Congratulations are in order!

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