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‘Gen V’ Will Bring the Twisted Superhero World of ‘The Boys’ to College

Watch the new red band trailer here.

'Gen V' Will Bring the Twisted Superhero World of 'The Boys' to College

With Gen V, The Boys is officially going back to school. The red band trailer for the eagerly anticipated spinoff series set at the superhero college Godolkin University was just released and promises the same kind of gleeful, bloody action and winking humor that has made The Boys a subversive hit.

The series stars Jaz Sinclair, who gave an acclaimed performance in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, as well as her Sabrina co-star Chance Perdomo. Multiple actors from The Boys, including Jessie T. Usher, Colby Minifie, and Jensen Ackles will reprise their roles from the series. Godolkin U is operated by Vought International, the business conglomerate that created The Seven from the original series, and naturally something is amiss, with scenes of covert testing facilities and characters desperately trying to escape armed guards. Sinclair’s character, Marie, and her friends must work together to unravel the conspiracy at the heart of the campus while protecting themselves and their classmates.

Marie, who made a brief cameo appearance in the third season of The Boys, has the ability to blend blood. Other powers on display in Gen V include a character who can ignite his body, another who can change genders and use varying powers depending on the form they take, and another with tremendous powers of persuasion.

In March 2022, the first Boys spinoff series, Diabolical, was released on Amazon Prime, though it was an animated anthology. Gen V draws from Garth Ennis’ 2009 work We Gotta Go Now, which is a send-up of the classic superhero academy setting that’s been utilized heavily in franchises like X-Men. Though Brooks’ comic was written prior to their respective releases, fans will observe some similarities in setting to X-Men projects like First Class and The New Mutants, which focus on younger mutants who are learning to utilize their powers while still navigating typical young adult challenges around dating and socializing.

In a 2020 interview with The Wrap, Kripke said that their goal with Gen V is “ the goal for this is to make this superhero show one of the most realistic college shows anyone’s made. And really deal with real college issues and really explore what it’s like to be that age.”

Gen V begins airing on September 29 with three episodes released simultaneously, and concludes with the finale on November 3. It’s unclear when The Boys will return for Season 4, though filming concluded in mid-April, so hopefully the wait isn’t too long.

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