Kara Greskovic Interview
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Kara Greskovic Interview

We are happy to spend some time today with the talented Nashville based producer Kara Greskovic. Thank you for taking time to talk with us. Can you tell us a little about your story, where you started and where you are now?

Of course, thanks for having me! I’m originally from Scranton, PA (where the famous show “the office” is based off of haha), and moved to Nashville about 6 years ago. I have had the dream of becoming a music producer since I was about 13. Once I moved to Nashville, it was go time! I started interning at any studios I could, from The Tracking Room to Starstruck Entertainment. After working at The Tracking Room for several years as an assistant, I took the leap and started my own music production business. Flash forward to now, I work with artists and collaborators all across the world, I’ve collaborated with award winning musicians, and have collected thousands of streams via the music I’ve produced. .

As a producer working with artists that are attempting to make a connection with audiences, do you feel pressure when producing?

This is a super interesting question. I think it’s a little bit of yes and a little bit of no, depending on the artist. If the artist I’m working with already has their social media presence booming plus a brand formed, it’s easier to create music because you know the general vibe before you start producing, plus there is already an audience waiting for the music. However, there is a sense of pressure when you’re producing an artist who is developing alongside you, with no brand or general identity. Although there is pressure to create something an audience can connect with, you do have to put that aside and just make some good music that you and the artist are proud of. If you create something for the mere purpose of audience connection only, there’s no way anyone will connect to it. If you make good music, the right audience will find you!

If you had to – how would you classify your production style?  

I like to call myself a dark pop producer, but I do work across several genres, from pop to alternative to country. I think everything I work on has a bit of an Alt Z flare (darker soundscape, cleaner mixes, in depth sound design, etc.). Everything I do has a modern or darker spin to it, with a unique world inside every song I work on.  All in all, I would say I’m an Alt Z producer that can put a modern and unique spin across several genres.

What is the best concert you have been to? What do you like most about playing live?

This is a tough question! I would have to say Lorde’s Melodrama tour several years ago. It was an extremely well thought out show with an intricate yet intimate set design. As for myself, I don’t play live as I’m usually in the studio with the artist and not on stage with them. However, I love seeing songs that I have produced being played live. It’s super cool to see guitar or synths parts that you were involved in creating being played live by either the artists or their band. It’s special and makes the hard days worth it!

How have you evolved as a producer over the last year?

I’m actually answering this question right after my 26th birthday, so it’s a perfect time to reflect on the past year. Looking back, I feel like I’ve moved onto more of a minimalist style throughout the past year. A year ago, I had more crowded productions with more of a live feel. Now, a lot of my current productions have a very clean soundscape, with several main elements that stick out and carry the song. I then add in some very particular details and ear candy to create that unique sound design that sticks out from the pack.

Musically, who are you listening to and enjoying right now?

Ooo, great question! I’ve been loving Renee Rapp and Sabrina Carpenter recently. I’ve also been loving NF’s new album as well as Maisie Peters. Some really awesome pop women mixed in with some darker NF is definitely my go to playlist right now.

Final – SILLY! – Question: Which one item of food is always in your refrigerator?

I’m a huge coffee addict! This might not count as food, but I always have a brown sugar coffee creamer (the oatmilk version) in my fridge at all times. This creamer combined with my espresso maker is a must!!!

End of Interview

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