NATO VP & Chief Comms Officer Patrick Corcoran Exiting After More Than 24 Years

The National Association of Theatre Owners VP & Chief Communications Officer Patrick Corcoran is departing after 24-plus years.

The news comes in the wake of NATO CEO and President John Fithian retiring after a 24-year run at the exhibition trade org.

Together with Fithian, Corcoran, known for being a straight-shooter with the press, has had a wild ride, fighting on behalf of their members against theatrical-window crunching, trying to convince Netflix about the worthiness of theatrical, exhibitors’ situation with The Interview in 2014 following the North Korea Sony hack, contending with cinema closures during Covid, getting them bailout money during those dark days, and re-opening them as early as August 2020 with ideal cleaning-safety standards. He was also involved in launching NATO’s own convention, CinemaCon.

Corcoran joined the association as a writer and editor for NATO’s monthly magazine and annual encyclopedia in 1998. In 2007, he was named Director of Media & Research and California Operations Chief; in 2011 he was promoted to Vice President & Chief Communications Officer. 

“Patrick has been an integral part of NATO’s growth over the past two and a half decades,” said Michael O’Leary, President and CEO of NATO. “He has served our organization and the entire exhibition industry with skill and dedication, and we are grateful for all that he has done to drive the way NATO tells its story.  We wish him the best in his next chapter.” 

“It has been a tremendous privilege to serve as the voice of an industry that I truly love,” Corcoran said. “I approached the challenges and opportunities facing our industry the way we have worked as an association: with honesty, data, openness, and most especially, with respect for the journalists who cover our industry.” 

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