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Anna Duggar Kicked Out of Home in Wake of Explosive Fight with Jim Bob!

Things have reportedly from very bad to much worse for Anna Duggar.

According to a new report by The Sun, the mother of seven is no longer living in a warehouse on the property of her in-laws in Arkansas.

(Yes, Anna was really living with seven kids in a WAREHOUSE).

What has led to Duggars relocation? Let’s just say she didn’t have a say in the matter…


Jim Bob made Anna move out of the warehouse on his property a month and a half ago,” a source told The sun on Thursday, adding of the controversial patriarch and his daughter-in-law:

“They got into an argument. She’s been in Texas visiting Josh.”

Anna, of course, is the wife of Josh Duggar… who is serving a 151-month sentence in federal prison after being found guilty of child pornography possession.

A multitude of insiders have said for several months now that Anna is intent in standing by her gross husband’s side and, yes, as mentioned above, often visits Josh Duggar in jail.

Anna Duggar is the long-suffering wife of Josh Duggar. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

We’ve heard on numerous occasions that Anna doesn’t get along well with Josh’s siblings, especially the ones who have spoken out against him ever since his May 2021 arrest.

Earlier this month, for example, she allegedly trashed Jill Duggar as toxic for taking part in an Amazon Prime documentary that shed light on the extremely conservative church in which Jim Bob and Michelle raised their 19 kids.

To be clear, Anna didn’t go on record with this insult.

She essentially hasn’t said a word in public for over two years now.


What do we know about her point of view and/or her circumstances?

Prison records listed Jim Bob and Michelle’s address as his own official address back when Josh was sentenced to his 12-plus years behind bars.

From all we can gather, Anna and her many children most definitely called this warehouse home for a lengthy period of time.

“The night of the sentencing the lights were on at the warehouse,” a source previously told The Sun. “The SUV parked right outside was the car Anna left court in.”

Josh Duggar might soon be back in court for his appeal. (Getty)

We can’t verify that this argument between Jim Bob and Anna broke out; nor can we confirm the basis for it; nor do we know where Anna is living at the moment.

In May 2022, however, tension between the pair was evident at Josh’s aforementioned sentencing in court.

“Jim Bob walked to Anna’s row to sit down when he entered the courtroom,” The Sun wrote back them.

“Anna and her family just stared at Jim Bob while he waited for her family to make room for him.

“Her family members eventually moved down so he could sit, but Jim Bob and Anna did not greet each other or interact.”


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