Single Review: Baker Grace “American Dream Girl”

The new anthemic and insightful song “American Dream Girl” by rising pop star Baker Grace is a dark gray and haunting canticle that sheds color and texture upon society and its quest to be beautiful, especially in the twisted Hollywood madness of the essence of the enchantress….The poetry of the song is that Baker Grace is already beautiful….

In a world where happiness has become a social duty and sad news of public defense, life opens up unrepentantly into a kaleidoscope masquerade of a carousel faking. But not for Baker…she’s the real deal and every American girl is likely to agree or at least use her song as food for thought. Coming off last summer’s hit  “Victoria’s Secret” by Jax, “American Dream Girl” follows suit along that same super-hit vibe.

Baker Grace has a unique sound and bedazzling voice. Her lyrics come from somewhere deep and thought provoking. She’s an individual and her songs are the same. She possesses the ability to communicate what others feel through her music, but cannot express. Like a seductive alchemist, she turns anguish into a narrative of truth.

It is not always sunshine that spreads the seed. Darkness makes the heart‘s case fragile, pain breaks it open, courage teases us, and life unfurls and expands. While the “American Dream Girl” appears as a fragile video, in reality it is one of the most powerful songs to be released in the last decade…

5/5 Stars

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