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All the Shocking Deaths in “Power Book II: Ghost” Season 3

The question of Tariq’s fate has been a topic of discussion ever since Starz first announced his spinoff series. Many believe he’ll eventually suffer the same end as his father for trying to lead a double life as a legit businessman and drug lord. As he states many times throughout the show, Tariq loathes the idea of turning into his father and has done everything possible not to repeat his same mistakes, only to end up in similar predicaments.

So does that mean he’ll eventually answer for his crimes and misdeeds with his own life, too? Right now, it’s unclear, but we know Tariq lives to see season four, which is already on the way. However, creator Kemp may have dropped a tiny hint about what could eventually happen to Tariq if he continues down the path he’s on. “There were a lot of people that would have preferred that Ghost get a happy ending and rode off triumphant into the sunset,” she told EW, reflecting on Ghost’s death. “I just felt uncomfortable with having had a character do so many horrible things and being so unrepentant and not having him get punished for it.”

For now, we’ll just have to wait to see if Tariq gets the same punishment.

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