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We Were Not Prepared For Halle Bailey’s Uncanny Beyoncé Impression

Halle Bailey can do it all: act, sing, dance, and execute flawless celebrity impressions. On May 25, Bailey revealed her hidden talent for impersonating celebrities during a LADbible interview with her “Little Mermaid” costar Jonah Hauer-King. To kick off the game, Bailey used firsthand knowledge of time spent with her mentor, Beyoncé, to deliver an uncanny impression of the Grammy-winning superstar.

“‘It is so nice to meet you. I hope you like all my songs.'”

“If she were to meet you, she’d be like, ‘Hello, Jonah. It’s so nice to meet you. It is so nice to meet you. I hope you like all my songs,'” Bailey said in Beyoncé’s voice, leaving Hauer-King with his mouth agape. In the comments section, fans were equally stunned. “Halle’s Beyonce impression is scary good she hit her voice depth and tone on the nail, I had to rewind several times!” one YouTube commenter said. Another commenter wrote, “Nah that’s FRIGHTENING. That Bey impression is spot tf on.”

After spending so much time with Beyoncé over the years, it’s no coincidence that Bailey’s impression is so accurate, but her acting talents didn’t end there. Bailey followed with playful imitations of Ariana Grande, Margot Robbie, and Jennifer Coolidge. In the past, Coolidge has been known to respond to celebrity impressions of herself, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she slipped into Bailey’s DMs to congratulate her on a job well done. Bailey ended the video with an impression of her sister, Chlöe Bailey, and an imitation of herself ordering hash browns, one of her favorite breakfast foods.

Hauer-King showed off his vocal talents with a spot-on impersonation of Sir David Attenborough narrating a Planet Earth documentary and a slightly more questionable impression of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Watch the full video above to see Bailey’s extraordinary Beyoncé impression for yourself, and listen to Bailey’s impressive vocal skills during her first live performance of “Part of Your World” here.

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