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Marjorie Taylor Greene Demands Decorum in the House, Gets the Exact Reaction You’d Expect

Marjorie Taylor Greene stares with irritation.

When you think of decorum, you think of Marjorie Taylor Greene right? Don’t worry, today isn’t Opposite Day, and we all know the answer to that question: Obviously not. She’s a QAnon nutjob who tripped upwards in life and somehow managed to get herself elected to the House of Representatives. She’s also well known for harassing her colleagues, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who she loves to heckle whenever she gets a chance. As The Cut wrote back in 2021 in an article bluntly titled “Marjorie Taylor Greene Won’t Stop Harassing Her Colleagues”:

“Hey Alexandria!” Greene yelled twice at Ocasio-Cortez, who she was trailing out of the House chamber. According to the two reporters who witnessed the scene, Ocasio-Cortez refused to stop walking, at which point the Georgia Republican launched into a bitter attack. She demanded to know why Ocasio-Cortez supported Black Lives Matter and antifa, inaccurately labeling them “terrorist” organizations. She then cried out that Ocasio-Cortez was failing at defending her “radical socialist” beliefs because she had declined Greene’s numerous challenges to debate her. “You don’t care about the American people,” Greene yelled. Only at one point during the confrontation did Ocasio-Cortez engage, turning around to throw her hands in the air.

Don’t forget how she gleefully went after Parkland shooting survivors. Per NBC News:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., mocked a Florida school shooting survivor as an “idiot” who “only talks when he is scripted” in a 2019 interview with a Georgia gun group, according to a previously unreported video obtained by NBC News.

“He is very trained. He’s like a dog. He’s completely trained,” Greene said of the survivor, David Hogg, now 20, in an interview with Georgia Gun Owners Inc. in April 2019, less than two years before she was elected to Congress.

Greene is in a word, vile. Truly the embodiment of the worst this country has to offer. So it is with that in mind, I share this next anecdote because it warmed the cold cockles of my heart. See, earlier this week, the House of Representatives was in session when Majority Leader Steve Scalise was delivering some remarks. On what? Who cares! It’s all lies anyway, baby! Naturally, because the only thing the House should be doing right now is voting to raise the debt ceiling, he was heckled by an unknown Dem in the House Chambers.

There is a simple procedure that is supposed to happen when this occurs: the Member presiding over the chamber bangs the gavel, calls to order, and waits for the chamber to quiet down.

I think you know where this is headed. Greene was presiding over the chamber during this outburst and called the chamber to order and announced: “The Members are reminded to abide by the decorum of the House” and it seems like every Democrat in the chamber spontaneously erupted in laughter at the same time. You have to watch it, if this woman had any shame, this would be like a middle school stress dream come to life for her:

Imagine how hard she had to work to bring that level of contempt, spontaneously, from that many people acting independently from each other. I mean, the devil works hard, but Marjorie Taylor Greene making every decent person ridicule and despise her works harder, I guess.

Does this amount to anything? No. Does it feel good to see her try to exert authority and get immediately put in her place? Absolutely. So excuse me while I go watch this just a few more times.

(featured image: Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

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