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13 Best Cooling Pillows For Hot-Weather In 2023

If you want to share the love, Nectar’s Premium Foam Pillow Pair means that both you and whoever you sleep next to can experience a good night’s rest. The memory foam design is fitted with a quilted outer shell, plus Tencel cooling fabric and a breathable mesh border for active ventilation.

Silentnight Cool Touch Pillow

Premium Nectar Pillow Pair

What is the best pillow material to keep cool?

Among the natural material fillings, wool and down are some of the best materials to draw heat out during warmer nights/for hot sleepers. On the flip side, if you prefer a memory foam or synthetic/fibre fill pillow, then look to latex memory foam as it promotes airflow around your head, neck and shoulders.

Think: The Inofia Latex Memory Foam Pillow or the Floks Luxury British Wool Pillow

Inofia Latex Memory Foam Pillow with Orthopaedic Support

Floks Luxury British Wool Pillow

What are the best pillows to stop sweating?

Speaking to Sleekseeker‘s sleep expert, Hayley Thistleton, she explained that, “night sweats can cause insomnia, meaning you might wake up during the night and find it almost impossible to fall asleep again in the same cycle.”

She recommended buyers suffering with night sweats switch to a cooling pillow. “Cooling pillows can aid in keeping your head cool during the night, which can help curb excessive night sweats and calm the body down into a more relaxed state,” she said, then breaking down the different type of cooling pillows into six categories. Plus, we’ve added our GLAMOUR recommendations next to each type, for you’re ease.

Cooling pillows can come with either…

  1. A cooling gel layer – e.g. Technogel Pixel Deluxe Low Profile Gel Support Pillow, £210, John Lewis & Partners
  2. Naturally cooling materials – e.g. Floks Luxury British Wool Pillow, £52, John Lewis & Partners
  3. Breathable fillings – e.g. the memory foam pillow, £69, eve sleep
  4. A cooling foam material – e.g. Cooling Pillow, £31.49, Kally Sleep
  5. Air vents – e.g. Premium Nectar Pillow, £62.13, Nectar Sleep
  6. Or, lastly, innovative cooling technology – e.g. THE SIMBA Hybrid® Pillow, £81.75, Simba

Hayley explained how numbers 2 through 4, “gently draw moisture away from your head to leave you feeling fresh and comfortable as you sleep.” Meanwhile, she added, models with moisture management or ‘innovative cooling’ technology,, “work by absorbing moisture created by body heat and quickly transporting it to the fabric face.

“The fabric face constantly evaporates the moisture to create a cooling effect on the skin, which happens continually throughout the night.”

What can I do to make my pillow cooler?

Coming through will all the essential summer life hacks once again, Sleepseeker‘s Hayley told GLAMOUR, “Choosing the right bedding and pillow covers can help keep you cool at night.”

She explained, “Polyester tends to hold heat and is water-resistant, meaning if you sweat due to the heat the sheets could stick against your skin.” Our alternative suggestions? Cotton and modal textile blends, so we’re looking to this Terence Conran pair from Very. Machine washable, in your choice of Oxford or standard sizes and coming in at a reasonable £12. Very, take our money.

Content By Terence Conran Modal Standard Pillowcase Pair – White

Hayley also mentioned that, “when it comes to bedding, light-coloured bedding offers better breathability.” She picked out natural fibres like cotton and linen for the warmer months and, as a final hack “for extra cooling,” she suggested, “freeze your pillowcases in the evening before getting into bed.” Genius! Catch us clearing out our freezers ASAP.

M&S Collection Pure Linen Bedding Set

Acapulco Amaya Pure Cotton Bedding Set

How does the GLAMOUR star rating system work?

1/5 – Not one you’re likely to see in our curated round ups, as we aim to offer you only the best products. That said, a 1/5 score would mean the pillow fails on value for money, quality, performance and how buyers rated it.
2/5 – Again, not likely to be included in our buying guides, a 2/5 would mean the pillow isn’t performing well in many areas at all, perhaps excelling in one field e.g. value for money.
3/5 – A 3/5 would mean the pillow is just passable, perhaps one for you if you’re on a more modest budget, but leaves room for a more impressive spec. For instance, this could be a cooling pillow that is cooling in spring and autumn, but not cold enough for summer.
4/5 – A 4/5 would mean the pillow is near faultless, with problems only small and easy to overlook. For instance, a pillow that ticks all the boxes, but will take several months to deliver.
5/5 – A 5/5 rating means the product, website and company are all perfect. We will never give a product a five-star score if it has a single fault that we’re aware of, so look out for these, they’re rather rare!

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