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Chanel Set Le Vernis nail kit review: It comes with actual double-C stickers!

The consistency of all three polishes is smooth and easy to work with, allowing for precise application. They instantly feel lightweight and barely-there on the nails. Even after a few days, the nails maintain their pristine appearance, and the polish feels secure and chip-resistant.

The brush is wider and flatter than what you may be familiar with and covers more surface area, which allows for easier application, especially as the curved tip follows the curve of the cuticle.

Now for the part I was most excited about: the stickers. I don’t think I’ll ever get too old for them, and the Chanel embossing is unmatched, so of course I want it on my nails.

There are two sheets of nail stickers (45 in total), one where the House symbols are set against a black backdrop, the other with white stickers.

If I had one small criticism, it’s that I would love to have seen a more 3D finish, as the double C really is the star of the show here and the symbol would look even more punchy if it was raised on a sticker.

You also need to apply a liberal helping of the gel top coat in order to give a seamless finish and to avoid seeing where the stickers start and finish. However, after a few coats they come together beautifully.

The Final Verdict

The Set Le Vernis offers sophisticated shades and a long-lasting formula in one, which I’m always here for. While the pricing is more on the expensive side, you are paying for pure opulence, and you get that in spades.

As a consumer I appreciate the attention to detail that has gone into both the stickers and the consistent performance of the new nail polish formulas.

In future, I would love to see more variety in the shade selection for the kits and more 3D stickers, with more design options.

But ultimately, the Set Le Vernis nail kit is proof that Chanel’s commitment to craftsmanship and elegance remains unmatched.

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