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Audrey Roloff Reveals Stunning Split from Husband: “I Couldn’t Invest”

Audrey Roloff often gets dragged on social media for coming across like a know-it-all.

She’s been known to lecture pretty much everyone on love and romance, even writing a book at one point with husband Jeremy about the lessons they’ve learned as a long-time couple.

As it turns out, however?

Audrey hasn’t always had the perfect relationship.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff sure look happy in this photo. But that wasn’t always the case. (Instagram)

A few days ago, Audrey told followers that she broke up with Jeremy — way back in the day.

“I was overwhelmed and stressed and sick. I think I had a feeling all along we would get back together,” Audrey shared via Instagram Stories on Monday, May 15, adding at the time:

“But I just couldn’t invest in our relationship, what I felt like it deserved at the time.”

The mother of three went on to explain that she broke up with Jeremy — over the phone during their long-distance relationship — and then three months later he showed up to her 21st birthday celebration.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff appear to have a healthy marriage. We’re very happy for them. (Instagram)

“My mom invited him. There were like three other guys I had dated there too and that was my first time seeing him since we broke up,” Audrey continued.

“And also the first time I ever drank alcohol in my life. So it was a doozy.”

This reunion was clearly worked out.

Audrey and Jeremy got married in 2014 and have since welcomed daughter Ember and sons Bode and Radley.

It sounds very much like a fourth child is on the way at some point, too.


I’m “taking a prenatal to prepare my body in advance,” Audrey admitted to followers on March 28.

“I’ve never been consistent taking it before getting pregnant so trying to get ahead of it this time!”

Overall, Audrey has been opening up about her past very often these days.

She recently spilled a great deal of tea over why she and Jeremy left Little People, Big World in 2018, accusing the reality show of not exactly being real.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff say they went on 52 dates in 52 weeks over the course of 2022. That’s very impressive if true! (Instagram)

“TV contracts are crazy and very controlling,” Audrey said in response to a question on this topic. “Same with [filming] schedules.”

Speaking for herself and her husband, she added:

“We also didn’t like the storylines being portrayed that weren’t actually true…

“Ultimately reality TV is all about the drama … and we didn’t like the pressure to create or speak to the drama, or perform for the cameras.”

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