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Jon Gosselin: I Haven’t Spoken to My Kids in FIVE Years!

Jon Gosselin is not close to a majority of his children.

This should not come as surprising news to anyone remotely familiar with the former reality star.

In a new interview with The Sun, however, Gosselin opens up about the extent of his estrangement from the kids who do NOT live with him.

And it may be more extreme than most people out there realize.

Jon Gosselin stares intensely into the camera in this sorta scary photo.

“The last time I spoke to Alexis, Aaden, Leah and Joel was in 2018,” Gosselin told this outlet, emphasizing this week that he won’t be attending the high school graduation ceremony for these four children.

“I am attending Hannah and Collin’s graduation,” he added, referring to the two kids who reside with him.

“We will have a graduation party for Hannah and Collin sometime in the near future after their actual graduation date.”

Previously, Gosselin said he hadn’t spoken to his oldest daughters — both of whom are college students — in eight years.

Jon Gosselin is maxing and relaxing. He uploaded this photo to Instagram in September 2022.

Jon and his ex-wife Kate are parents to eight kids overall, twins Mady and Cara and then a set of sextuplets.

Two of those sextuplets, Hannah and Collin, have lived with their dad for years — and scarcely talk to their mom.

The aforementioned sons and daughters live with Kate and, as Jon readily admits, have no relationship at all with their father.

It’s all extremely sad and unfortunate.

Jon Gosselin has been accused of sabotaging his daughter’s business. (Photo via Instagram)

The sextuplets, meanwhile, celebrated their 19th birthday on May 10.

“I didn’t speak to my other children on their birthday,” Jon also told The Sun.

“I will never give up trying to talk to my children. I’m hoping with social media that maybe they might reach out to me at some point.

“The door is always open to rekindle any kind of relationship. I’ve tried for years for any interaction with any of my other kids, but nothing yet.”

Hannah, Jon Gosselin
Hannah Gosselin lives with her dad, Jon. They appear to have a very good relationship, as you can see here.

Jon did wish them all well on social media, though, as he captioned a photo of the sextuplets:

“HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY to all my Kids!! I love you all so much!!”

Jon also revealed at the time did that Hannah even talked to her mom and siblings on their birthday, referring to the reconnection “nice.”

Not exactly the most gushing description.

But a whole lot better than Jon’s non-interactions with his kids for the same occasion.

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars were involved in an ugly custody battle through the years that ended when the children turned 18.

“I’m in a pretty euphoric place right now,” Gosselin told The Sun in response a couple weeks ago.

“It’s finally over, I don’t have to deal with her, with court hearings, lawyers – it’s done. I can get on with my life, it’s such a good feeling.

“The thing in these cases is that there’s no winning. The only winners are the lawyers. The kids always lose out – it’s not a soccer match, there’s never a winner.

“But now I’m finally moving on with my life.”

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