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S Club 7 Say Reunion Tour Will Continue After Paul Cattermole’s Death; Hannah Spearritt Quits

S Club 7 reappeared on social media one month after the death of group member Paul Cattermole. The pop singing group announced that the reunion tour would continue in memory of their bandmate.

“It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us but in all honesty, we’ve been in a bit of shock,” Jon Lee says in the video shared on Instagram. “It has taken a while for us to find the right words to describe how we feel about losing our brother Paul.”

Rachel Stevens continued, “Just taking the time to process and get our heads around it all and also taking some time to share time together so we can remember Paul and all the memories we had together.”

Tina Barrett added that the situation is “really sad” while Bradley McIntosh said that they are all “so much in disbelief” about losing Paul and calling him a “unique specimen of a human being.”

“No one could ever replace our Paul but he lives on inside each and every one of us,” McIntosh added.

Jo O’Meara noted that Paul lit up every room he was in and said he was “just a really special person.”

Lee then acknowledged that there were only five members in the video and said that Hannah Spearritt opted not to continue with the reunion tour and decided to opt out of the tour, which would be renamed in honor of Paul.

“The five of us are really excited and geared up to crack on,” Lee continued. “It’s going to be our tribute to Paul. So, we are actually renaming the tour ‘The Good Times Tour,’ which is the song that Paul was going to sing.”

Lee started to break into tears as he talked and Barrett continued explaining why they were going to change the name of the tour.

“We’re calling the tour ‘The Good Times Tour’ in tribute to Paul because that was his song and all fans know that, that was his song. So, it feels right,” she said.

Stevens said that Paul “was such a huge part of this tour” as he was “so involved in everything” that the group had been planning.

S Club 7 will be touring around the U.K. and Ireland in October of this year.

Check out the full video below.

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