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Save Money Between Salon Visits With a Top-Rated Root Touch-Up Spray

If you need some additional insights before you shop, check out these reviews from happy Amazon shoppers.

Style Edit Root Concealer Touch Up Spray Reviews

A shopper said, “Wow. I have told all my friends to buy this and will never be without this product, ever. It’s allowing me to stretch my time in between colors. I’m just going gray around my face and this spray allows me to pull my hair back and not feel self conscious. I cannot say enough good things about this product. And if you get the spray somewhere you don’t want like a little on your hairline or forehead, it wipes off easily. This is a LIFE SAVER.”

Another declared, “I HAVE FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL!!!! I have been coloring my hair EVERY 2 WEEKS for many years due to persistent gray and before the 2 weeks is up, I get the telltale “landing strip” on the top of my head. My friend told me about this stuff and despite her saying how great it was, I was highly skeptical. Well, I am in complete shock that this work and at how amazingly easy it is!”

Someone else explained, “I can stretch out timing between hair coloring thanks to this lifesaver spray. It stays in until you wash it out. Rain doesn’t affect it. Very easy to use. I have a part in my hair, and you can’t see the ‘line’ of spray at all. It blends perfectly with my color.”

A customer shared, “I’ve been using this root concealer for a few years now. I love it. It has a nice, easy, consistent spray every time. It covers my roots but doesn’t stain my scalp. I’ve been able to go an extra week without having to head back to the salon for a touch up. It has really been a lifesaver. And it lasts several months because I only need it for about one week per month. I will probably use this product for the rest of my life. Thank you, Style Edit.”

A shopper reviewed, “This is a lifesaver! It’s easy to use, long lasting and helps to give me a couple of extra weeks between visits to my hairdresser which has saved me $.”

“It has not run on pillowcases or clothes. It does shampoo out easily,” someone wrote.

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