Wendy Stuart Presents TriVersity Talk! Wednesday, May 17th, 2023 7 PM ET With Featured Guest Amanda Pauley
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Wendy Stuart Presents TriVersity Talk! Wednesday, May 17th, 2023 7 PM ET With Featured Guest Amanda Pauley

Wendy Stuart will be hosting TriVersity Talk! this Wednesday at 7 PM ET with featured guest Amanda Pauley.

TriVersity Talk! is a weekly web series with featured guests discussing their lives, activism and pressing issues in the LGBTQ Community. With TriVersity Talk!, the goal is to laugh and learn.

TriVersity Talk! Is part of TriVersity’s ICARE Initiative. ICARE stands for Increasing Community Awareness through Relevant Education. ICARE Programs are generously funded by The Greater Pike Community Foundation.

Born and raised in NY but now living in the Pocono Mountains of PA, Amanda Pauley is the Regional Organizer in Northeast PA for “Red Wine and Blue”, a non for profit engaging women on a grassroots level and driving media narratives to better reflect issues faced by the everyday woman”.   She is also a soccer mom, a swim mom, a volleyball mom, a dance mom, and a fierce advocate for the most marginalized in our community.

With a background in marketing and data analysis, and event planning, when the pandemic resulted in her losing her job, she did a 360 and trained to become a support aid and an ABA for people with disabilities and special needs.
And then her work in Active Organizing began with the culture wars in our country, with extremists pushing their agenda at school board meetings and attacking marginalized students. Amanda knew she had to do more than yell into the void of social media.  Then she heard about “Red,Wine,and Blue” from the Washington Post, women just like her, mobilizing and organizing. Attending local action groups and  having events where they could spread the word about book banning, and extremism. They wrote letters to the editor, they volunteered on school board campaigns, and Red Wine and Blue supplied the tools to succeed.  They filled school board meetings, and in Amanda’s own county, beat the book ban.

Amanda’s story is the story of what one person can do to mobilize a community. And in her own words “Together is how we’ll win. For us, our kids, for women, and our family and friends in the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities.
And this year, she also became a board member of Triversity, an LGBTQ+ non for profit in the tri state area of NY, NJ, and PA.  She will now be able to use her skills and strategies to achieve her goal in actively affecting the lives of those who are marginalized.

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