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The Creatives Behind ‘Scream VI’ Know They Left Out Bodega Cats

Ghostface wearing one of the older masks in Scream VI

When I watched Scream VI, I thought a couple of things. One being that as a New Yorker, I was terrified how Ghostface could get into apartments because they are notoriously hard to get in (and out) of. But the second being that if a cat was in the bodega with Ghostface, this movie would have been over very quickly.

Finally, Ghostface came to the Big Apple and with it a whole new set of challenges for the creative teams. In preparation for the film’s digital release, I was lucky enough to speak with writers James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick as well as producer William Sherak about the film. And when I pointed out that if there was a bodega cat when Ghostface showed up, he wouldn’t stand a chance, Vanderbilt had a great bit with me.

“You just don’t see it,” he said. “The bodega cat saw Ghostface coming in and was the first one out. First out outta the way.”

I was also lucky enough to talk with directors Tyler Gillet and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin about the film and what I loved in both my conversations was how excited the team was to talk to a New Yorker about the movie. Gillet said that getting to bring Ghostface to New York let them have a new playground.

“How do you take like New York, which is I think by and large made up of public spaces, right?” he said. “I feel like people in New York spend very little time in their apartments. I think people live sort of more out in the world in that city. And so how do you take that setting and still make it feel isolating and intimate and terrifying in the ways that are affecting?”

You can watch Scream VI yourself streaming now and just don’t watch it late at night. Especially if you have to go to the bodega later.

(Featured image: Paramount Pictures)

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