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17 Work Bags – Work Bags For Women

Hybrid working is all fun and games until it comes to swapping your WFH desk for the office and transporting your belongings in one fell swoop. Investing in work bags is where we’ve landed on the ‘making life easier’ front, and thankfully there are lots of styles to choose from.

While office days are exciting (it’s certainly nice to have to think about what to wear to work instead of joggers and slippers), hauling everything you need together to actually complete said job is a whole other story. Yep, getting out of bed more than 10 minutes before we start work is truly motivating, but how stressful is it trying to ram your laptop, notebook, headphones and water bottle into a flimsy canvas bag when you’ve got less than two minutes to leave the house?

Sturdier than your go-to beach bag and just as smart as your fave designer handbag, work bags are the happy medium.

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Work bags for women need to be strong enough to carry all those important things (your planner and stationery etc), but they also need to be #fashionable. That backpack you took on a girls’ weekend away with you a few years ago won’t suffice, and neither will your trusty bum bag or cute mini bag. Sorry. You need a practical design but one that won’t make you look like Will from The Inbetweeners – unless that’s your vibe.

Something like a tote bag is ideal and definitely on the right track, though you may want to go for one with a compartmentalised interior so that A) you can actually find things inside it and B) it’s more secure and safe on your commute. Think baby-changing bag – with all of its nifty pockets and various straps and handles – but more glam. It’ll need to suit your outfit, too, so go for something that can be worn with a blazer or trouser suit just as well as a summer dress.

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