Days of Our Lives Round Table: Bo is Back!

Bo is back from the dead, but Kate’s the only Salemite who knows it. And Bo’s about to shoot her!

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Horizon from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate why Bo isn’t quite himself, if Hope is hiding something, Gwen’s tryst, Maggie’s choice, and much more!

Do you think Sami might forgive Lucas and give this fan-favorite pairing another chance? Read on to see what our round table thinks…

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Kate found Bo Brady, but he isn’t quite himself. Are you happy to have him back, and what do you think Megan did to him?

Horizon: I am not overly familiar with Bo, so it is hard for me to conjecture about him. His “cold-cocked” comment about what Kate did to Megan was oddly humorous, but I guess Megan has scrambled his brain up a bit to be loyal to her.

Jack: I’m glad to see Bo, though I hope this Dimera goon phase is over quickly. For some reason, I’m not nearly as annoyed by this as when Steve thought he was Stefano.

Megan either had Rolf brainwash Bo, or whatever resurrection drug she used came with a side effect of her being able to m that they were in love.

Christine: I’m thrilled to have Bo back on Days! He was always one of my favorite characters.

Given that Bo first woke up asking for Hope, I’m guessing that Megan had Rolf brainwash Bo to “love” her the same way Li and Kristen did to Stefan. But, like Jack, I’m hoping this phase doesn’t last too long.

John and Steve found Hope in Megan’s old lair. Are you happy to have her back? And do you think there’s more to her story than what she’s told John and Steve?

Horizon: Mixed feelings. I was hoping they would bring back Hope after Ciara had her baby so she could play the doting grandmother. So, while it is nice to see her again under the current evasive circumstances, it is more frustrating than anything else.

The bearings all feel wrong. It sure did seem like she was hiding something from John and Steve,

Jack: There has to be more to Hope’s story than what she told them! Among other things, she claimed to be looking for Megan but was alone in a locked room. That doesn’t add up!

I hope she hasn’t been turned into Princess Gina again. I always liked Hope, but her last few stories were not so great, and I hope she’s been restored to her original character.

Christine: Despite how poorly Hope had been written her last few years in Salem, I do have high hopes for her return.

And it did feel as though she wasn’t sharing everything with Steve and John, which is unusual because, under normal circumstances, she would trust them implicitly.

Maggie hired Xander as her right-hand man at Titan instead of Alex. Was this the right decision?

Horizon: Probably not, but I do appreciate that Maggie has a soft spot for Xander. And vice versa.

Jack: I’m thrilled she got rid of Alex, who deserved to be fired. I’m not sure Xander is the right choice, either. If Victor was worried about the company’s reputation because of Alex’s behavior, then hiring a kidnapper whose actions led to the death of an innocent woman won’t exactly help things.

Christine: I’ve always loved the relationship between Xander and Maggie, and he is incredibly loyal to Maggie. Plus, Xander didn’t do a bad job as CEO, so if she can keep Xander in line and out of the spotlight, then this could be a good move.

Xander was upset that Gwen slept with Alex after he broke up with her. Did he have the right to be?

Horizon: I believe Xander genuinely cares about Gwen, and he fears that the predatory Alex isn’t any good for what ails her, and I couldn’t agree more.

Jack: No! He’s right that Alex is only using Gwen, but it’s not his business. He broke up with her and can’t have it both ways. Why does everyone in Salem think they have the right to tell their exes who to move on or not move on with?

Christine: The one positive about Alex is that he’s honest about what he wants. He’s there for a good time and generally not looking for much else.

Gwen was looking to soothe her wounded heart and ego with a one-nighter. That was her choice. As Xander broke up with her, he’s got no right to judge or make Gwen feel bad about it.

Besides, under similar circumstances, Xander slept with a married Nicole, and Sarah jumped into bed with Rex. So how is Gwen any different?

Andrew and Paul made it to Days after their appearance on Beyond Salem 2 last summer. Would you like to see them both move to Salem?

Horizon: No. I recall Paul when he first showed up in Salem, and for a while, he was an interesting character. But I don’t even know Andrew, so this tacked-on, seemingly gratuitous relationship doesn’t really interest me in the least.

Jack: Yes! I loved them on Beyond Salem 2 and am thrilled they are back now. Plus, they are children of two legacy couples, so their getting back together would give us a second-generation power couple.

We need real romance, and Andrew could permanently take over for Shane as the show’s top ISA agent. And if Andrew is in town permanently, there would be a reason for Theresa to visit from time to time.

Christine: I’ve always loved Paul, and I was excited to see Paul and Andrew meet up on Beyond Salem 2, so I’m very happy to see them back.

Yes! I want them both back in Salem permanently. They’re a cute, sexy couple. Plus, I love their connections to so many legacy characters, so their addition can lead to some great new stories on Days.

Lucas told Roman that Sami is the love of his life. Is there any chance Sami will forgive him for kidnapping her and take him back? Do you want her to?

Horizon: Sami is far from my mind these days, which indicates my level of disinterest in what she might think down the road if she ever returns to Salem again. I suppose she could forgive him. I am more bummed Allie bolted out of town since I enjoyed her relationship with her dad.

Jack: I hope so! Lucas and Sami have been one of my favorite couples since they first debuted, and I hated that they turned Lucas into EJ 2.0 for the sake of ruining this relationship.

Christine: If Sami were to return, I would prefer her with Lucas than with EJ. She and Lucas have always been fun together.

But I worry about the show insisting on putting Sami and EJ back together again. And if that’s the case, I’d rather Sami stay out of Salem.

Alex Kiriakis has done a lot of bed hopping since he arrived in Salem. Is there anyone you’d pair him with long-term, whether he’s already slept with them or not?

Horizon: Alex continues to confound me. I thought Stephanie was the love of his life, yet he keeps bedding down women whenever the chance arises.

But at the end of the day, I still feel Stephanie is his number one, and I sort of expect them to hook back up again.

Out of all the women he has slept with, though, Gwen was a terrible mistake. He doesn’t know her and can’t conceive of her monumental emotional issues. Once again, Alex’s runaway sexual appetite was on display with little consideration about the consequences.

Jack: Someone off-screen so that we can get rid of him.

He and Stephanie were an awful pairing, and his stalking her didn’t help anything, but maybe she has a friend in Seattle that she can match him up with.

If he has to be in Salem, maybe he can explore bisexuality with Leo. That would at least be different and not involve bothering some poor woman all day and all night.

Christine: I actually like Alex and generally appreciate that he’s open about just wanting a good time.

I was hoping to like him with Stephanie, but he came on way too strong, and I’ve grown to generally dislike Stephanie.

So, if Alex ever gets together with someone for love and not just sex, I’d like to see it be someone new

Maybe if they bring Claire back. Original, sort of crazy Claire, not boring 2.0 Claire. They could make an interesting pairing.

What disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Horizon: Devastated that Gwen slept with Alex. Her natural reaction was not to sleep with him, but once it entered her mind that she could use this escapade to injure Xander out of spite, she went through with it.

Jack: Three days of the Gwen/Leo/Xander show was too much, especially since Gwen is a one-note character who is either pining after Xander or trying to upset him by pretending not to want him. 

Gwen trying to make him jealous by gloating about sleeping with Alex was awful, and I also wasn’t a fan of Leo telling Xander he shouldn’t have been honest with Gwen about how he felt.

Also, John was too harsh with Paul. I get that he wants Paul to be happy and pursue the man he loves, but Paul’s feelings about the difficulty of a long-distance relationship were valid, and John was very dismissive of them.

Finally, after being so strong with Megan, why did Kate have to turn stupid? It was obvious that Bo was lying about all the rooms automatically locking or they wouldn’t be able to get back in Megan’s room — Kate should have seen through that whether or not she trusts Bo.

Christine: That Eric and Brady will face no consequences for kidnapping and torturing Stefan. Justice is very slanted in Salem.

And Li Shin just gets more annoying and obsessive by the day. I really hope Gabi, and the viewers, aren’t stuck with him for the full six months.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Horizon: All about Gwen and Xander here. Two stinging Xander quotes during his fight with Gwen. The first is when he says he can’t compare Gwen to Sarah, and the pain on Gwen’s face was palpable.

And the second moment when he said she needn’t worry, he won’t be “breathing down her neck.” Mean-spirited stuff on the surface, but Xander is desperately trying to keep Gwen grounded and away from her fantasy that they will hook up for real again.

I also got a kick out of Li trying to lure Gabi into a company named “Saxtons” (spelling?) and obvious play on words alluding to the infamous high-class Saks Fifth Avenue department store.

My favorite scene was the fight between Xander and Gwen because it revealed quite a lot about the characters and their motives. Gwen’s low self-esteem and childishness, and Xander trying to make her face reality. Their storyline is rich in emotion and depth with off-handed moments of wit.

Jack: Surprisingly, I love the Megan storyline. This is typical Dimera behavior, but it’s a more old-school story and not as annoying as some of the other more-out-there stories. I especially liked Kate standing up to Megan.

Christine: I loved how Kate stood up to Megan, both knocking her out and crushing the vial. I wish she had realized something was off with Bo sooner, but the man’s been dead for a decade, so I can’t really blame her for thinking that might be the reason he wasn’t quite himself.

And I loved all things Gwen and Leo. They make fantastic oddball friends and share some of the best lines, such as this Days of Our Lives quote,

[to Leo] Don’t you dare or I will make it so Lady is not just a nom de plume.


It’s your turn, Days fans. Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button below to give us your answers to our round table questions. And then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

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