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World Class Violinist Daisy Jopling to Appear on the Violators Unlimited Radio Show March 11, 2023 4-6pm EST

World renowned classical/rock violinist Daisy Jopling is set to appear on The Violators Unlimited Radio Show on Saturday March 11 at 4:00 pm. The Violators Unlimited are a group of 6 men, (Darryl Thompson, Chris Ali, Mark Shelby, David Cumberbatch, Fred Jacobs, and Harry Hero Samo,  that have formulated a brotherhood throughout our lives, that  mutually share, the passion for the hip-hop culture.

Daisy Jopling performed at the Royal Albert Hall at age 14 and hasn’t stopped since, touring Japan, the UK, Austria and New York. Most recently she performed in Egypt by foot of the great pyramids and plans to Re-create that presentation on March 25th at The Paramount Hudson Theatre in Peekskill, New York. She will present effusion of Weston and middle eastern music and just calling it “Irradiance.” She will also feature young local talent, including the Peekskill City Singers. In the fall of 2023 days it will be performing at the Taj Mahal in India..

The Violators Unlimited Radio show broadcasts evert Saturday from 4-6 pm EST. Each week they feature a variety of guests, everything from authors, to all types of musicians to actors and more. They ask relevant questions, play cool music and basically have a lot of fun……

IRRADIANCE at the Great Pyramids of Egypt Recreated Featuring The Daisy Jopling Band March 25th, 2023 At the Paramount Hudson Valley Theater In Peekskill, NY

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