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Isabel Roloff Asks for Parenting Affirmations: I Know I’m a Good Parent, But …

Even though she has never actually been part of the show’s cast, Little People, Big World fans know Isabel Roloff well.

Even before she married Jacob, but especially after welcoming their child, Isabel has shared her feelings, her thoughts, and more on social media.

Sometimes, she’s displaying her post-baby body. Other times, she’s getting raw and emotional with her followers while about life.

This time? Isabel is asking other parents for affirmations and encouragement.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Isabel Roloff asked her fans and followers a question:

“What are some affirmations or things you say to yourself to remind yourself you are a good parent?” she wrote.

Many took that as less of a survey and more of an attempt to find affirmations that she herself can use.

Naturally, a flurry of replies poured in from Isabel’s fans. She even shared some of the affirmations that people chose to share.

“I got this,” one wrote. “One day at a time.”

Honestly? That particular line can work with so many things — not just with parenting.

Isabel offered her thanks. And, clearly, there were some toxic replies that she received.

“Thanks! This is more so what I was looking for, not parenting advice,” she wrote.

One can only imagine the kind of bizarre or even upsetting “advice” that came pouring into her inbox.

Isabel Roloff Hugs Son
Isabel Roloff hugs her son close in this photo of the occasional reality star and little Mateo.

She then explained why she was seeking these affirmations. For example, she was not asking for reassurance. There is a difference.

“I KNOW I’m a good mom,” Isabel clarified. “I was just curious how you remind yourself…”

She then added: “Affirmations really click for me and it helps me to say them out loud sometimes.”

Isabel Roloff Insta Photo
Isabel Roloff shared this photo on her Instagram page in May 2021. She used it to put down fat-shamers.

During the first week of December 2021, Isabel and Jacob announced the birth of their first child, Mateo.

So yes, Isabel knows that she is a good parent to her precious baby.

But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like little reminders here and there.

Isabel Roloff, formerly known as Isabel Rock, holds 7-month-old Mateo while walking in the woods.

“I just love this kid so much,” Isabel gushed on her Instagram Story.

“And,” she emphasized, “want to do my very best for him.” Of course!

Isabel then simply explained: “Sometimes that comes with little pep talks to myself.”

Isabel Roloff has shared her post-baby body with fans. In some photos, scars. This one is more of a thirst trap.

“I am currently going through easily one of the weirdest/hardest times of my life right now,” Isabel wrote a little too relatably.

“Each day feels like a marathon,” she expressed. “If this is you too, you are not alone.”

Isabel then affirmed to her fans and followers that “Brighter days are ahead, I can feel it.”

Isabel has opened up about struggles in the past. Just last month, she wrote about hard times.

Whether it’s mental health issues, major life problems, or just dealing with one toxic person in their lives, a lot of people deal with private pain.

But Isabel is right — the suffering is temporary. Sometimes it’s necessary, and sometimes it’s so damaging that the healing will take more time than the initial problem. Things can and will improve, however.

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