‘The Mandalorian’ Director Rick Famuyiwa On Who Is Better Equipped To Wield Dark Saber & Teases Season 3 As “Culmination” Of Seeds Planted

Rick Famuyiwa, director and executive producer of The Mandalorian, was at the Season 3 premiere of the Disney+ series and teased the upcoming season.

One of the pressing questions was who Famuyiwa thought was a better wielder of the dark saber, Din Djarin or Bo Katan.

“I think that’s part of the question of the season,” he told Deadline at the event. “What does that mean and what does it mean to be Mandalorian? How does this culture of people that have so many different factions find ways to come together or can they come together? The symbols and the things that make them who they are, are very important and for each character, it has meaning and those repercussions whether it’s Din taking off his helmet or Bo losing his dark saber have ramifications. This season is going to be about dealing with all of that.”

The Mandalorian has been dropping hints about where it’s headed and Famuyiwa teased that all those seeds that were planted will finally “culminate” in Season 3.

“I feel there’s the storytelling that Jon [Favreau] has been spearheading from the very beginning has been slowly, each season, each project, leading us to this, leading us to the third season,” he said. “I think there are a lot of seeds that are planted, that are growing and are culminating in this season. I feel like that’s part of the feeling [and] the sense of things culminating. It really feels like a third act in some ways, even though there’s lots of stories to tell. I think that’s the feeling that I have, is that you feel like you’ve been on a journey with these characters and that journey is coming to a head this season.”

Famuyiwa also talked about setting the tone for Season 3 directing and executive producing.

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