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Raise a Glass to Jennifer Coolidge’s Heartfelt 2023 SAG Awards Speech

She also thanked her “amazing parents” and the “incredible gift” they had—their inability to lie. And as she explained, that trait ties into how she discovered her love of acting.

“One day, the school principal came to my first grade class and said that I needed to be called to the office, and I went to the office,” the American Pie actress recalled. “She said ‘you know, your father’s here.’ And my father was sitting there and he goes, ‘Yeah, Jenny, we have to go.’ And the principal said, ‘Jennifer, get well.’ And I didn’t know what that meant.”

After Jennifer and her dad got in the car, he told her, “I’m never going to tell a lie again. But we’re going somewhere really cool.” Their destination? A Charlie Chaplin film festival.

“He got me out of my first grade class to do it,” she continued. “And I swear to god, that seeing Charlie Chaplin for the first time, and having that experience, it’s my love of film. It’s my love of actors. All that came from my first grade.”

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