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Barbiecore Beauty Will Rule This Summer, From Flicked Ponytails To Fluttery Lashes

The barely-there “clean girl” beauty aesthetic has made clear lipgloss and sheer skin tints the norm, but make way, because this summer Barbiecore beauty is the one to watch, and it’s bringing with it hot pink nail polish, fluffed-up lashes, glitter accents and pink statement lips.

If you’re already familiar, that’s because the Barbiecore trend has been building since last year (it’s currently scooped up more than 245 million views on TikTok). But, with Margot Robbie’s live action Barbie movie out this July, searches for the “Barbie ponytail” up by 30% and Viva Magenta named the pantone of the year, it’s clear Barbie fever is about to peak in 2023.

As for how to incorporate the aesthetic into your beauty wardrobe, there’s a few ways to tap into the trend…

The flicked ponytail

A signature Barbie hairstyle and so easy to do, flicking the ends of your ponytail takes seconds with your straighteners and adds extra oomph and adorable interest to the simple hairstyle.

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Outlined eyeliner

We’re not about to go full fancy-dress, but look at most Barbie makeup tutorials and you’ll spot the overdrawn eyeliner hack which creates a doll-eyes effect.

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Full, fluttery lashes

Ultra-full, plush, defined lashes are the easiest way to lean into the Barbiecore beauty aesthetic. Either layer up your mascara, or you can add falsies or wispies for some extra flutter.

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