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21 Reality TV Shows If You’re Hooked On Love Island

Reality shows are just what we need sometimes. And luckily for us, we have been spoilt for choice thanks to fan favourites such as Love Island, Too Hot To Handle, and Love Is Blind.

But what happens when these shows call it a wrap for the season? Thankfully, we aren’t left twiddling our thumbs and wondering how we will fill that daily gap in our schedules because there is so much more reality television gold out there… and we’ve crowd-sourced the very best shows that you might never have heard of.

Our round-up includes the likes of The Big Flower Fight, where people compete to have their floral installations displayed at London’s Royal Botanic Gardenfs. Bloomin’ exciting! There’s also a group of young adults being forced to stand up on their own two feet while surviving the wilderness in Snowflake Mountain. Then there’s the heartwarming Japanese show Old Enough, where children as young as two are sent out on their first grown-up errand, and a camera crew follows to see how they get on – now on Netflix for your adorable viewing pleasure. Oh, and the somewhat controversial 2010 show Bridalplasty – where brides-to-be compete for the chance to win free surgical procedures before they tie the knot.

Meanwhile, there’s a whole batch of reality shows that you may have heard of before but probably haven’t given them a chance yet. Well, we’re here to convince you to watch them because the entertainment is on another level. In particular, we advise you to catch the OG reality dating series, The Bachelor. The American version, in particular, is absolute drama in the name of love! If you’re looking for something a bit more up-to-date, we can vouch for the Selling Sunset-inspired real estate show, Buying Beverly Hills, which, if anything, is perfect for watching for the insane mansions alone. There’s also no shortage of glamorous women living their best lavish lifestyle, and you’ll be thoroughly entertained with the likes of Dubai Bling and The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Lives.

So, without further ado, here is your excuse to stay firmly planted on the sofa, crack open a bottle of vino, and get well and truly hooked on the real-life dramz. You’re most welcome.

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