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Jessa Duggar: Brutally Mom-Shamed After Allegedly Forgetting Son’s Birthday

Jessa Duggar keeps a relatively low profile these days, but she still shares the occasional update about her family and home life.

For the most part, fans respond enthusiastically to these posts about Jessa’s husband and three kids.

But in the past week, Jessa has twice wound up on the receiving end of some genuinely brutal criticism.

The situation has gotten so bad that we wouldn’t be surprised if it prompts her to take another lengthy hiatus from social media.

Jessa Duggar is receiving some harsh treatment on social media these days. (Photo via YouTube)

First, critics once again alleged that Jessa has failed to properly homeschool her kids.

This time, they pointed to an Instagram Live in which Jessa attempted to demonstrate her eldest son’s intellect by asking him to spell “there.”

He did so, but as many commenters noted, the task would have been more impressive if Jessa had provided him with sufficient context.

Jessa shows off her family. (Photo via Instagram)

“When you ask him to spell ‘There’ you didn’t use context. How did he know it wasn’t ‘their’ or ‘they’re’?” one person remarked, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“How did he know how to spell ‘there’ without using it in a sentence? The three ‘there’s’ are always confusing,” another questioned.

“Spell the word there? Or their? Or they’re. She should have used it in a sentence,” a third fan suggested.

You get the idea.

Jessa Duggar Is Mad
Jessa Duggar has had enough of the haters. And she lashed out big time in the comments on her latest YouTube video.

The public loves to dog-pile Jessa for her perceived parenting failures, and usually, their criticisms are overblown.

In the case of the latest controversy surrounding 6-year-old Henry’s birthday, they may have a point.

“This little guy turned 6 this month. Henry is a ray of sunshine in our home! He’s the first one up in the morning, grabbing a book and sitting next to me on the couch as I have my quiet time,” Jessa captioned the photo below, which she posted earlier this week.

“He has a great love for learning and he devours all the books he can get his hands on. He has a super creative mind, and he’s constantly inventing new Lego creations,” she continued.

“He’s so gentle and caring towards his baby sister and absolutely adores her. He’s both tender and bold, loving and full of laughter. We’re so thankful to God for this little man!”

Obviously, Jessa’s tribute to her son was well-intentioned, but as many commenters noted, it arrived a bit late.

Jessa Seewald, Ben and Kids
Jessa Seewald, Ben Seewald and their kids Spurgeon, Henry and Ivy. Easter 2020.

“It Took Jessa Over Two Weeks to Post for Hank’s Birthday LOL,” one commenter wrote.

“Poor Henry sitting quietly in the same area is probably all the attention she’ll give him,” another added.

“I’m sorry but I laughed at this. Poor kid,” a third chimed in.

Jessa Duggar: Mom-Shamed For Allowing Kids to Use HUGE Knives!
Jessa Duggar loves to post pics of her family. (Photo via Instagram)

Others alleged that Jessa has forgotten Henry’s birthday in the past.

They also claimed that this year, she used an old photo to mark the occasion.

“At least she remembered this year. This photo looks like it’s from October too,” wrote one such commenter.

“Love when someone can make a bday caption for their child about themselves,” another joked.

Jessa on Counting On
Jessa Duggar looks a little unsure of something in this scene from an episode of Counting On. (Photo via TLC)

“Not to mention that is a picture from Autumn. She couldn’t even take a new pic or find a more recent one,” a third pointed out.

“He’s SO cute. Such a shame he was born into this family,” a fourth rather nastily remarked.

Needless to say, Duggar critics can be pretty brutal.

Of course, if Jessa really did forget her kid’s birthday then she should probably take some heat for it.


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