Independent Thinking According to Ora Nadrich
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Independent Thinking According to Ora Nadrich

“If you feel that you have begun, or are in the midst of a spiritual awakening, you should consider yourself lucky,” writes Ora Nadrich in her new book, titled Time to Awaken: Changing the World with Conscious Awareness. “Not everyone gets a chance to emerge from what I call a ‘sleepwalker trance’, and find themselves in a conscious state of lucid truth.


It’s like taking off a pair of dark glasses to keep the sun out, and realize that you never needed to shield yourself from the light, your vision just needed to get stronger to handle its radiance. It’s actually not natural to wear sunglasses that much, and studies show that it can interfere with our circadian rhythm, which can lead to fatigue, insomnia, and even depression, but how would we know that, if that hasn’t been told to us, and just assume it’s natural for us to wear them, and we do, for long periods of time.”

She adds, “We go along with so many things that are unnatural, and accept them as normal, and before we know it, we’ve conformed to certain ways of living because it’s expected of us to do so, and what’s considered normal is not questioned. Does that mean that when the world turns completely upside down because of a ‘pandemic’, and we’re told that this is the ‘new normal’, and we should get used to living in a perpetual ‘state of emergency’ that can cause us to feel like yo-yo’s; never knowing when we’ll have to go into lockdown (again), or have to mask ourselves, and practice social distancing, or get, yet again, another booster (and who knows what else we’ll be told to do), we should just go along with it?…I can assure you that when you experience a spiritual awakening, nausea is the last thing you will feel.

Feelings of inner peace, wholeness, oneness; even bliss or euphoria, have been some of the descriptions of going through a spiritual awakening. Why anyone would prefer nausea over bliss is beyond me, but one of my theories about people who avoid spirituality, or anything that makes them feel more than what they are comfortable with, is that they are choosing to avoid a state of consciousness they perceive as uncontrollable, and being in something like the Metaverse, you can be in control of everything, including your emotions, or lack thereof.”


In less competent hands, Nadrich would come across as something of a spiritualistic altruist, or an out-and-out spin doctor. But what she’s saying is true, and thus anything unapologetically holistic and straightforward in terms of being right-brain and creative feels enjoyable and concise. “Yes, we as human beings have physical and mental limitations, but does that mean we should become avatars, or even robots to rid ourselves of these ‘limitations?’…If one does not make a conscious effort to awaken and evolve, they are contributing to the destruction of this earth.”

Troy Johnstone

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