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Afro Hair Icons & 16 Fro Hairstyles To Inspire Your Next Look

After all that, Afro hair, in its most natural state is as simple as it gets and when things involve minimal manipulation this means it allows hair to grow healthier. Although a heavily divisive topic, many hair experts and trichologists see better results with hair growth when the hair is left alone. In fact, Eleanor Richardson, who is a consultant trichologist at the Fulham Scalp & Hair Clinic warns us against the dangers of choosing braiding: “The most common damage that we end up seeing in the clinic is traction. So that’s a pulling force that’s been applied, because of a very tight style. Maybe due to very chunky braids, extensions, or weave-in and styles that have been there for a while as well.” As much as we are team do-whatever-you-want with your hair because that is your business, be it protective styles, texturisers etc, ultimately your God-given natural hair will never go out of style.

One thing about Black women though, is that we want to switch up our hair at any given moment. Sometimes, all we need is a little inspo. Over on the ‘gram, it’s a ripe hunting ground to discover some stunning inspiration. Looking for inspo on how to style your Afro? We have it all here. We’ve delved into the archives to curate the best celebrity afro hair inspiration, hairstyles and colourways. Here’s our round-up of the most iconic Afro hairstyles that are bound to inspire you to rock your fro at any hair length.

The Black Power fro’

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This is that irresistible classic big bold fro’ which is the definition of voluminous hair. To give the illusion for extra volume be sure to brush the hair outwards in all directions so to gentle stretch and fill up a wider surface area.

Blonde crown

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