Sick Puppies Drop “Ready Steady Go” (SINGLE)
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Sick Puppies Drop “Ready Steady Go” (SINGLE)

To know Paul Oakenfold’s original angle on “Ready Steady Go” and then hear Sick Puppies’ take on it, there was obviously a boost in adrenaline and percussion added into the mix. Even folks who might not be able to place the track will have undoubtedly heard it in numerous films, such as Collateral and The Bourne Identity, as well as various other entertainment platforms such as the racing video game Juiced, so to hear it with such a new lease on life in the reinvigorated genre of hard rock will shock fans as much as it will tickle them. Sick Puppies have reshaped and reformatted a classic staple of early 2000’s club anthems for a new era and generation, and big names have already begun to take notice.


With their take on “Ready Steady Go” at the forefront of the NHL’s advertising campaign, it won’t be long before an onslaught of new fans find their way to Sick Puppies just in time for their new album to drop in 2023 — the LA-based trio is infamous for always one-upping themselves, and their endless enthusiasm and steel-cage work ethic have allowed them to share the stage with such acts as Tool, Muse, and The Killers, among many others. Taking on the NHL only felt like the next natural step, and the approach to the cover for the single was worthy of the endeavor.

The ramping up of the song’s energy and production falls in line with the gritty, rock sound that Sick Puppies are known for, and the way the single matches the tied-in element of American ice hockey allows the track to fully grow into itself not only as a cover track but a reimagining and rebuilding of a song some people have known and loved for years. Sick Puppies make “Ready Steady Go” their piece of work by infusing it with enough of their signature sound and rockstar enthusiasm. The tributes to the original have been paid, the groundwork has been laid, and the single is more than happy to fully operate as its own thing first and foremost.


So, while you think you may know what to expect coming into this modern reworking of Paul Oakenfold’s “Ready Steady Go,” Sick Puppies are here to show you that the art of the cover track isn’t nearly as easy or as predictable as it seems; there are remakes, and then there are spiritual sequels that fall under the category of “reboot.” What the Sick Puppies have done here is more in line with the latter, as it reshapes elements of the original and takes them along for the ride without sacrificing its growth in the process. Above all else, this take on “Ready Steady Go” makes good on the rollicking rock ’n’ roll energy fans have come to know and love from Sick Puppies, and eagerly sets the stage for what exactly lies ahead for the band in terms of future projects and musical directions. The fact that Sick Puppies were able to put their spin on a track while retaining the original spirit says more than enough about their talent, and “Ready Steady Go” now feels equally a part of their catalog as it does Oakenfold’s.

Troy Johnstone

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