No Halloween tricks at Numskull, just spooky, collectible treats!

Halloween is coming, time to get your ‘scream face’ on!

No Halloween tricks at Numskull, just spooky, collectible treats!

Numskull is gearing up for Halloween and promises horror fans lots of spooky goodies – no tricks just treats. Check out the new Dracula CosCup and some terrifying new TUBBZ horror Collectibles. The new TUBBZ are a limited edition, so don’t miss out when they’re gone, they’re gone, although they are so gruesome maybe that’s a good thing!

We can’t talk about Halloween without mentioning the king of vampires, Count Dracula, or in the case of the TUBBZ, should we say Count Duckula? Dracula has also turned into a CosCup – shame he can’t see himself in the mirror, it’s so like him it’s like…. looking in a mirror? Check out the blood detail around his mouth, he’s had a busy night!

CosCups are suitable for hot and cold drinks, with a silicone sleeve detailing the black cloak, Dracula is so detailed he even has blood around his lips, gross!

Other recent horror TUBBZ launches include this terrifying trio that are sure to scare the living daylights out of their pond mates; The Nun, Annabelle and Leatherface from the ultimate slasher movie, The Texas Chainshaw Massacre.

Leatherface – paddle for your lives and leave Texas immediately, this maniac is wielding his chainsaw and looking to add to his horrifying mask!

Annabelle – the hair bunches may look cute, but those evil eyes are on you, run run run!

The Nun – she’s wearing a habit and the cross is around her neck, but this is all a disguise, this Nun is absolutely demonic with her ‘glow in the dark’ eyes.

Not for the faint-hearted, these 3 maniacs join other horror TUBBZ including Dracula, Werewolf, Frankenstein’s Creature, The Mummy, Chucky, Stripe from Gremlins, David & Michael: The Lost Boys, Beetlejuice, Pennywise and Regan (The Exorcist). Stop hiding behind the sofa and collect them all, there are now 14 in total.

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