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5 “Stranger Things” Season 4 Plot Holes That Are Turning Our Heads Upside Down

After the Mind Flayer set fire to Starcourt Mall during the season three finale of Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” our favorite band of Hawkins teenagers were left with new challenges to overcome and chapters to write — like moving to a new town, adjusting to high school, and learning how to live life without the stress of saving the world from inter-dimensional aliens and demons every summer. Little did our heroes know, however, that another threat was lurking in the Upside Down — as unveiled in “Stranger Things”‘s highly anticipated season four, which arrived on Netflix on May 27 after an extra-long three-year hiatus.

Throughout volume one’s seven episodes, Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Max, and the rest of the Hawkins gang see a ton of development. While much of it is on point (the Duffer Brothers write a super-tight plot), there are definitely some storyline inconsistencies. Here are a few plot holes from “Stranger Things” season four, volume one.

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