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Bear Brown Changes Accepts Plea Deal Following Domestic Violence Arrest

After years of red flags, court orders, and alarming social media posts, Bear Brown was arrested for domestic violence in March.

As he has in the past, the Alaskan Bush People star insisted that the charges are “unfounded.”

“The facts will reveal the truth,” he insisted last month. And perhaps they have.

Bear has now accepted a plea deal, waiting his right to a trial.

The Sun reported on Thursday, April 28 that Bear Brown has accepted a plea deal.

That does not mean that the court has ratified this arrangement.

At a hearing scheduled for May 12 — about two weeks from now — a judge will have to approve the deal.

In most cases, entering a plea deal involves negotating with (or simply accepting an offer from) prosecutors.

This could mean accepting a sentence in advance, though it is unknown what Bear may have agreed to do.

Judges sometimes weigh in during these hearing, but traditionally deals are supposed to be approved as-is.

This latest development comes a month and a half after Bear’s first attempt at entering a plea.

On March 14, he pleaded not guilty to the charges.

At that time, he requested a jury trial — something likely to be painful and embarrassing for him and for his wife, Raiven.

Clearly, several things have changed beyond simply Bear’s plea.

Just after Bear’s initial plea hearing, Raiven dropped the protective order that the court had issued against him.

The order was placed on March 14 … and, just two days later, Raiven requested that the order be rescinded.

Bear had been arrested just three days before the hearing, on March 11.

Apparently, he and his wife had gotten into an argument while cleaning up their camp trailer while preparing to move.

Moving is one of the most stressful life events that most people experience — but nothing could excuse what happened next.

Bear allegedly became violent with Raiven, thus the domestic violence arrest and charge.

This is sadly not surprising for those who have followed Bear and Raiven’s story for years.

They have had multiple messy breakups, and this is not the first time that Raiven has feared for her safety — or taken out a protecive order.

However, on social media, after the news broke, Raiven called it “a private matter.”

For the record, domestic violence is a crime that is very much the public’s business, no matter where it occurs.

Raiven also discouraged people from “being a bully” towards her husband after his arrest, insisting that the delicate subject “shouldn’t be shared online.”

Raiven asked for “the respect and privacy to handle our personal issues as a family alone.”

She admonished fans and followers: “Don’t believe everything you read online.”

Well, that’s generally good advice … but in this context, sounds like she went from alleged victim to not-so-alleged advocate for Bear within just a few days.

“The most important person in this situation is our son,” Raiven correctly noted.

“All I am certain of is we both just want the same freedoms you all have,” she said.

“The right to sort out our personal matters,” Raiven concluded. “Also not to be judged on things other people don’t have all the facts for.”

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