Tamara Garcia: Business Operations Manager for Fanmire – A Fan Engagement Platform

Fanmire uses the most cutting-edge technology to help celebrate meaningful relationships and genuine engagements between fans, and influencers, celebrities, sports figures, and idols. Fanmire’s core beliefs include cultivating relationships and making true connections through the platform, a place where influencers can feel free to be real, open, and inclusive with their most loyal fans. Their team is composed of dedicated, strong, positive talented professionals with decades of experience. One such team member is Tamara Garcia who considers the founder of Fanmire, Jamel Anderson, her mentor. With her experience working at Publishers Clearing House her experience is a great asset to Fanmire.

We spoke with Tamara regarding her belief in Fanmire and what she feels the future holds for the most innovative fan and celebrity based platform on the planet…..

How did you get involved with Fanmire?

I used to work at Publisher’s Clearing House.


Is that a real place?

Yes, it’s a real place.  There’s 600 employees in the building.

I was an intern.  I was in school, a senior in college.  I was working at Publisher’s Clearing House as a copyright intern.  On that creative team, there was Maria who is a part of Fanmire.  So that’s where we met, we ended up speaking to each other and she thought I would be valuable on the Fanmire team.  She introduced me to Jamel and that was it. Jamel is a mentor to me.  The first time we spoke we had that connection.  I loved the idea of Fanmire.  So I joined Fanmire also as an intern to work on social media.  That’s how I got into the project, through Maria, and I joined to work on social media.


What is your title? 

That’s funny because you ask me what’s my title and I don’t even know what my title is.  I have been helping out with everything.  My title is business operations.  So just call me a business operations manager.


What do you see as the future for Fanmire and as the business operations manager?

Fanmire, to me, is all about the fans but for me the core of it is really the influencer.  The influencer is the person or individuals that bring the fans that we are trying to provide the experiences for.  So what I see for Fanmire, I just see us streamlining our processes and getting to the point where we can bring in larger and larger numbers of influencers.  As the influencers come, to me it’s such a streamline idea, it’s such a doable and actionable idea.  Because all it really takes is bringing in these influencers one after the other for Fanmire to blow up.  So what I see for Fanmire is just us continuing to bring in influencers and continuing to grow and scaling quickly.

I see Fanmire being a space that really frees its community.  A community that is truer because these influencers, the subscribers and the fans paid to follow them.  So these are your true fans.  These are the people that really want to see what is going on with you.  These are the people that are really celebrating you as an influencer.  So, I see Fanmire as one of the few spaces that really fostered true community.  There is nowhere else where that happens.

Fanmire is the go to platform for influencers/content creators. Influencers looking for an opportunity to earn money should definitely look to Fanmire and join.

The official website for Fanmire may be found at

The Fanmire platform website may be found at

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