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Mackenzie Standifer Stuns Fans With Latest Post: She Needs to Leave Ryan Edwards ASAP!

The Teen Mom franchise has produced quite a few success stories.

There are the main cast members, of course, who have spent their entire adult lives earning high six-figure salaries which they’ve supplemented with various side-hustles and sponsored content deals.

In other words, if you’re wondering how Kailyn Lowry was able to build a mansion this year despite having four kids and never being employed in a full-time capacity, it’s because she’s made an absurd amount of money from her association with MTV.

But the Kails and Chelsea Houskas who used the show as a springboard to make all their dreams come true aren’t the only kind of Teen Mom success story.

A couple wrungs below them on the ladder of Teen Mom achievement are people like Mackenzie Standifer.

Obviously, Mackenzie wasn’t on the show for as long as Kail has been, and she didn’t make nearly enough money.

But Mack has certainly made the most of her fame, and at the tender age of 25, she’s already accomplished a great deal,

When Ryan Edwards and his family were fired from MTV, their situation looked bleak.

But Mackenzie has stepped up in a major way, and it now looks as though she’s slid quite comfortably into the role of family bredwinner.

We learned earlier this month that Standifer is supporting Ryan and her kids with her work as a marketing rep.

She says she’s also running her own fitness brand, but it’s unclear if that venture is already turning a profit.

Anyway, Mackenzie seems to be doing quite well for herself, but if the comments on her Instagram page are any indication, fans are far more interested in her appearance than her finances.

Standifer’s new look seems to have fans divided, but her most recent photos have been drawing mostly rave reviews.

“You look HAWWTTT,” one commenter wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Lookin good!” another echoed.

“Black hair looks amazing on you!!” a third person chimed in.

Of course, when you have as many followers as Mackenzie, there are bound to be a few haters in the mix.

“Is she trying to be Chelsea?” one fan asked, echoing the common theory that Standifer is “copying” Chelsea Houska.

“Wait… this was.. on purpose?!” another inquired.

“Definitely. A super weird ~influencer~ trend,” one person wrote of Mack’s jet-black locks.

“I hate the way her ends look,” one person griped of Standifer’s mane.

“It’s baffling she’s still in her early 20s. Life with Ryan is aging her badly,” another critic opined.

Fans and critics alike seem to agree that life with Ryan must be quite stressful for Mackenzie.

After all, it can’t be easy supporting an entire family while he continues to loaf.

Those who like Mack’s new look cite it as further evidence that she’s too good for her troubled husband.

Obviously, that’s a very superficial observation.

But hey, that doesn’t make it any less true!

Mackenzie is too good for Ryan, but her appearance is just the beginning of that argument!

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