The American Relics New Album “The Eyes of 1969” Now Available Worldwide

The American Relics highly anticipated album “The Eyes of 1969” is now available worldwide.

The American Relics are a new band comprised of world-class musicians that have come together to share in the experience of particular related musical concepts, which are: to bring by way of original music the sounds and feel of not only wonderful music eras gone by, but new music created with the analog-sounding, melodic and production values that so many music listeners miss nowadays. The American Relics are the past, present and future of the music world.

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The American Relics are John Gitano (primary songwriter/guitars/arranger/vocalist), Adrienne Dugger (Vocalist/ ‘and shimmies’), Ian Zane (bass/vocalist/guitars/songwriter), Josh Salant (recording engineer/drums), Joni Ernst (keyboards/vocalist/songwriter) and Nelson Montana (multi-instrumentalist/ vocalist/ songwriter/arranger/recording engineer).

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