The Chateau’s Isibella Karnstein “The Hourglass With Isibella”

Isibella Karnstein is an amazing woman….Founder of The Chateau – Cat Girl Manor and The Chateau Magazine, Isibella now hosts an amazing new show called “The Hourglass with Isibella” available worldwide on Spotify. is the first ever online magazine dedicated to catgirls and the kittenplay lifestyle. It was founded by our Chateau Madam Isibella Karnstein in 2015.

Each month The Chateau brings the crème de la crème of kitten girls with photosets, reviews and lifestyle articles. Each of The Chateau’s gorgeous models has their own unique profile and photosets, and is ranked by gems that are proudly displayed on their profiles. Models can obtain gems after completing photoshoots or writing articles. The higher the gem, the more precious the model becomes. All models above Amethyst are exclusive to The Chateau, the “Precious level kittens” represent the face of The Chateau’s brand both online and at public events and The Chateau is very proud of them.

The vision of The Chateau is to be a safe playground where women would be able to feel empowered, confidently express their kitten selves and lifestyles, and to be the top representation of kitten models around the world.


What you have created is different from anything on the planet…. what inspired you and what drives you forward?

I think ultimately it is the notion that we can try to make a difference, no matter how small. The world has been in a state of chaos since the pandemic, I see so much unhappiness within society and I think the one place I can make a difference is in trying to bring back a sense of joy and wonder to others during a difficult time. Regardless, if that is through costumes or just dressing up just to forget the world for a while. I know so many women who want to have the excuse to wear a beautiful long gown and drink tea with their friends because it makes them feel good. We all want to indulge ourselves sometimes and have different outlets for that, for some it is sports or writing, for others it is expression of self. I think I provide an outlet for women to do photography and practice their art while providing a magazine within which to showcase it.

Briefly explain exactly what it is you have accomplished?

I created the first online magazine dedicated to kittenplay, as well being one of the first magazines to feature women of all shapes, sizes, ages and diversity under one umbrella of glamor. This was before Victoria’s Secret was doing it (albeit under pressure), and before the amazing Savage X Fenty came on the scene with their beautiful face of representation, and even before Playboy became more inclusive (featuring their first trans model etc.). I did it because I wanted to provide a space for everyone who relates to the femme aesthetic. I am happy that so many other brands have taken up that torch and are moving forwards with it.

What is your ultimate goal?

My goal is just to keep doing what I am doing, to push forwards as always to give others inspiration.

As a woman of substance how do you believe you empower other woman to follow their dream?

I believe I empower women by just letting them be themselves. It’s literally that simple, I just provide an outlet for them to pursue their own dreams and goals, whether it is through the expression of photography, events or writing. I like that we offer multiple avenues for different women’s interests and explorations.

Where do you hope to see yourself and your business in five years?

Hopefully in a happier pandemic free world.

Who are your greatest life influences and why?

Tesla! He was the inventor of Alternating current electricity. (AC) I know it is a strange answer, but you have to understand this guy spent his entire life inventing and dreaming up creations, some people feel his life was unfulfilled as he never really succeeded publicly in his lifetime, he had many enemies and only recently has gained the recognition he deserves over 100 years later. But the important part of this story is that he never gave up. During his life he consistently kept trying which is what matters, and as a result we have so many beautiful things today thanks to him! Did I mention he also loved birds! As some of you reading will know I do too.

Currently what projects are you working on for 2022 and beyond?

The current (haha that’s a synchronicity from the question above) plans we are focusing on right now is predominantly the podcast. You can find it under “The Hourglass With Isibella” on Spotify. We discuss a variety of topics, everything from the Titanic, to the universe and popular streaming shows! Whatever your tastes are I’d highly recommend checking it out as I think there is something for everyone in there.

We also have our annual Masquerade party in New Orleans this coming October. I think with Anne Rice’s recent departure it will be a nice way to pay homage to her memory as a writer as well as giving people a place to showcase their creativity and costumes.

If you had to choose a New Year’s resolution what would it be and why?

That I am going to strive to be a better person and do better for others around me. I think we have all gotten a crash course on life this year the hard way and I am going to personally dedicate a lot of time to exploration and growth. Most of all I hope I can bring unique opportunities and amazing experiences to others this coming New Year!

The official website for The Chateau may be found at

Listen to “The Hourglass with Isibella” on Spotify here:

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