[Video] Psychological Horror Title ‘In Sound Mind’ Arrives on The Nintendo Switch in 2022, New Accolades Trailer Released

If you’re thirsty for more gameplay footage of Stunlock Studios’ upcoming vampire Strategy RPG V Rising, the devs are happy to oblige with a brand-new gameplay trailer. The team also posted a new development blog earlier this week to talk about the game’s progress.

The devs have been “pushing full-throttle” to get the game ready for testing, and as such, the update includes input from art, to gameplay, to worldbuilding, and even marketing. At the end of the post, the team hints at a potential closed Beta test.

“Currently, we plan to start a very limited closed beta test this year to get the necessary data for our initial adjustments before scaling it up next year,” explains Stunlock Studios. “After that, we’ll be gearing up for the paid early access release, a date we will set in 2022, so if you don’t happen to get into either phase of the closed beta test, fear not!”

Currently, V Rising is development on Steam.

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