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What are the Best Free Video Chat Apps on Android?

There’s certainly no lack of chat apps that you can get if you happen to have an Android phone. In fact, you can get a great list of them over at Toms Guide. You can pick and choose the best ones for you, but you probably want more out of your chat apps than most other people. When you think of an app, you’re most likely thinking about all of the different ways that you can use it to talk to women who want to play around with you. That’s when you’re going to see all of the limitations that you have to deal with when you’re on a popular app. The first issue is that not all of the apps even allow nudity on them. If you get caught with it, you can get kicked off. The next issue is that you’re going to have a really hard time finding the kinds of girls that you’re looking for. If you’re in search of a good time, then you have to look out for a few different things on your Android apps. Here’s what you can keep your eyes open for.

Women who love to show off

The very first thing that should be on your radar is a great user base of women who love to show themselves off to strangers. There are many more of them than you probably think. While you can’t just go up to any random girl on the street and ask to see her naked body, that’s what should be allowed when you’re on an app. Just take a look at the women around you and you’ll be able to see if they like getting naked for strangers or not.

Sexy Dance from arousr on Vimeo.

If they have videos posted like this girl, then your chances are pretty high that you’re on a great app. The profiles should be all you need to tell what’s going on. If you can see nudity just by browsing the people on the app then you’re in great shape. You can most likely message any of those girls and get much more than they’re showing on their public posts. On top of that, you’ll probably be able to find plenty of women who are willing to have exactly the kind of fun that you want to have with them. That’s very important if you hate to be limited to just pictures from someone.

Find girls who love to cam

There’s a major dream going around for the people who spend a lot of time on the internet. It’s especially important for the girls. This is the dream of becoming a big and famous cam girl. These are the women who would have been making porn a few years ago. Now they have the option of working for themselves and that’s what they want to do. All they need is a web cam and they can follow their dreams of camming glory. If you don’t believe it, just check out this article from the NY Post. They make it clear that there are millions of women in the world who love to get naked for strangers on their cams. Those are the kind of women that you want to be talking to. They absolutely love to show off their naked bodies and they’re willing to do it for anyone. All you have to do is be on the right app at the right time and you’ll be able to be the guy who watches them. Just think about it as letting them practice for their big breakthroughs.

Go where the girls are

No matter how many of those other apps you download, you’re never going to find one that works better for you than here. Meet video chat girls at arousr.com and it is a site that’s been around for a long time filled with exactly the kinds of women who want to get naked for you. They love to show off and they love to play with strangers. If you want to be one of those strangers, all it takes is a click. You’ll be transported to an adult world that you never knew existed. There are more types of fun than you can think of and you can have it with any kind of girl that you want. You can see what they look like right on their profile pages and they’re all just waiting for someone to send them a message. Once you get yourself onto the site, make sure you don’t slow down. There’s just too much fun for you to have there. You can meet the girl of your dreams and have her treat you to your deepest fantasies. Just give it a try and you’ll never be disappointed by what these girls want to do with you.


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