A Quiet Place 2: Why Lee Only Tried Saving Regan In The Beginning

After an attack in the opening of A Quiet Place Part II, Lee only tries to save his daughter Regan, and there’s an apparent reason for it. Ahead of the main action of A Quiet Place Part II, Lee Abbott (John Krasinski) returns in a flashback scene. In the opening, the Abbott family attends Marcus’ (Noah Jupe) baseball game, and Lee stops at the store to pick up some post-game oranges for the players. The shop owner is watching some harrowing news, seemingly about a bomb going off somewhere, but Lee pays little attention and heads to the game. Lee briefly interacts with his friend Emmett (Cillian Murphy) at the ballpark while sitting in the stands, but all hell breaks loose soon after everyone sees a ball of fire shooting through the sky while Marcus is at-bat.

The main action of the A Quiet Place sequel picks up after the first film ends. Following the death of her husband, Lee, and the attack on their home by the sound-sensitive alien monsters, Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) moves her baby and her other two kids, Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Marcus, to a new location. On their journey, they meet a mysterious new character, who turns out to be their former friend Emmett. He’s a little less hopeful about the world since his family fell victim to the aliens, but he reluctantly helps them.

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For some, the opening of A Quiet Place Part II includes a baffling moment when Lee tries to save Regan but ignores his other family members. After leaving the ballpark, Lee takes Regan, Evelyn takes her other kids, and it’s not long before the alien monsters attack. After seeing her mom’s car crash in the chaos, Regan leaves a truck with her dad and makes a run for them. Lee, who saw the crash too, goes after her, grabbing Regan and running away to hide in a building. The A Quiet Place sequel’s opening seems odd, considering how much Lee cares about his family, but he may have a good reason.

John Krasinski as Lee with Regan in A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place 2

After the aliens attack, everyone’s in fight or flight mode. There’s absolute chaos throughout the town as the sound-sensitive monsters destroy anything and everything in their path. No one knows anything. The shop owner just thought the devastation on the news was from a bomb. Lee is simply in survival mode as the world crumbles all around him. When he leaves the car to go after Regan, that’s his only objective. Shortly after taking Regan on the run with him, an alien smashes into a vehicle nearby. The father and daughter weren’t going to last long on the street.

The first film showed Lee cared deeply for his family. In A Quiet Place, Lee ultimately sacrifices himself to give his children a chance to escape the monsters. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for them. If Lee could’ve reached his family’s crashed car in A Quiet Place Part II, he would’ve. But letting Regan die in the process wasn’t an option. If they had both gone for their family’s crashed car, it would’ve been a short movie.

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