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Review: April Rose Gabrielli Live at The Bitter End July 23, 2021

In an unprecedented performance, unchallenged by angels, man or beast rocker chick, sensation April Rose Gabrielli graced the legendary stage of New York City’s “Bitter End” with an orgasmic showcase filled with emotion, passion, velocity, and unabashed talent.

Her powerful sound illuminated the oversold room and the crowd couldn’t seem to get enough. Her edgy lyrics surrounded the hearts of her fans who follow her like a spiritual quest where God himself propels her chariot of fire. Easily the illegitimate child of Pat Benatar and Taylor Swift, April Rose Gabrielli painted her canvas with unique colors and made it come to life as if it was an NFT.

April Rose Gabrielli has already toured the world as a featured artist but most recently has been signed exclusively with BMG, the biggest music publishers in the world, and Tribeca Records a SohoJohnny Enterprise, all there to support her along with brilliant manager John Velasco. She has also recently premiered her song “Tameless” at the Tribeca Film Festival as it was picked from hundreds to represent the movie “Not The Science Type.” Her newest launch via Tribeca Records is titled “Do You” and in less than a week has already charted at number 4 on the LGBT Chill Music Chart.

Her opening act was co-writer Kulick, a Sony recording artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist who performed his fan’s favorites Including “Ghost”, “Yelling in a Quiet Neighborhood” and “Scatterbrain.” A ferociously talented singer and songwriter Kulick added the icing on the cake.

April Rose Gabrielli climaxed the grand finale with both a rock ‘n’ roll version of her new single “Do You?” earning her a standing ovation lasting several minutes. She was then thrust back onto the stage to do a solo ballad of the same with her keyboard. Her flawless performance in a venue known worldwide for starting the careers of Bob Dylan, Billy Crystal, Stevie Wonder, Neil Diamond, will one day be part of the Bitter End history…..

The official website for April Rose Gabrielli may be found at

Photo Credits: Billy Hess

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