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Miami Based Rapper Dici Releases “Five Rings”

or Miami based Rapper, Dici, there is no time like the present. The irony, is that Dici would seem to have more time than most, as he is literally, barely out of High School. His forthcoming album, Doses, is highlighted by the new single, “Five Rings.” Believe it or not, this is not Dici’s debut effort. He has actually built a small catalog up to this point, and the new material, shows his progression.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/dici305/

Dici’s journey began, in Milan, Italy. Italian born, and partially raised, Dici was blessed with a sense of culture and perspective, from birth. He has since relocated to Miami, FL, and spent some time in Japan, along the way. In many ways, Dici is your prototypical teen. He is fun loving, brash, and unrefined. The difference is that he was selling his own custom line of sneakers, in middle school.

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, and an affinity for the arts, Dici has known his purpose, all along. On his new single, Dici attempts to separate himself from the label of being strictly a Hip Hop artist, and incorporates more melodic elements into his sound. The result is decidedly Dici, but with a bit more whim. The track kicks off with some elegantly tuned, bright piano, and we then get Dici administering the chorus. Having been familiarized with Dici’s previous work, it is mildly jarring to hear him singing, as opposed to vocalizing.

And in the end/I just sing it. “Five Rings” is said to be inspired by the writings of Miyomoto Musashi, on the art of Kejutsu, a form of martial arts. Dici also cites the number 5’s significance, in that it was the number of tracks featured on his debut album. It seems more and more artists are opting for EP’s, these days. Speaking from firsthand experience, it does yield more satisfactory results in some ways, due to ever decreasing attention spans.

Dici handles all of his own production, and it’s mostly to his benefit. There are a few synching issues on “Five Rings,” as once again, this is somewhat new territory for the young artist. You still emerge with a sense of who Dici is for new listeners, and an acceptable dosage, no pun intended, for existing fans. How long Dici will continue to be self-produced, is anyone’s guess. However, it might behoove him to branch out and seek collaborations for his next outing.

DOWNLOAD: https://ffm.to/fiverings

In many ways, “Five Rings” is an exciting new release for Dici. It shows a different side of him, and stepping outside of his comfort zone, will only equate improvement. While this single may not signal regular rotation on radio anytime, soon, it does feature little to no profanity, in contrast to his previous releases. Dici proves that he can tackle deeper subject matter, without the crutch of shock value or excessive self-aggrandizement. We are listening to the evolution of Dici in real time, and just when you think you have the answers, he changes the questions.

Troy Johnstone

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