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Singer/Songwriter Vianchi Releases “Overdose”

Singer/Songwriter Vianchi has returned this year with his newest single “Overdose”. His first release since 2020s “Die Alone”. Here he trades the more somber pacing for something a little quicker and seemingly upbeat, but he still keeps the dark foreboding lyrics that made his debut so captivating. It’s got a little bit of everything for someone who’s a long-time music listener and someone looking to branch off into discovering some more unknown indie acts. Don’t expect Vianchi to remain an unknown much longer, it’ll be a matter of time before he gets picked up and onto bigger things and I could very easily see him as a headliner or someone writing some major future hits based on his lyrical work here. He’s like a refreshing bulldozer to how humdrum so many of his ilk are. If you’re a fan of acts like Kavninsky or Com Truise,

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/vianchi/?hl=en

I especially recommend a track like this. His use of synth and electronics is inspired and with a wide sonic feeling, there’s always a bigger-than-life feeling to it. This will hopefully be something he sticks with for a while because he makes it look so effortless. Effortless is one of the best ways to describe him. He makes these things look easy, and his delivery with his astoundingly delicate voice. There’s almost a little bit of a post-modern Michael Jackson vibe in the structure of the song and in an age of imitators, he’s one of the few who really sticks out.

“I’m alone with everyone that ain’t you” is just an example of the lyrics which take an uncompromising look at what else, addiction. There’s a romantic angle as Vianchi sings about the love he feels for a girl, possibly the one who appears alongside him in the recently released music video. It’s passionate and mysterious and dark. There’s this greater sense of it’s him and this girl against the world. A lot of times with those addicted to something or someone, feel they don’t need anyone else and this sentiment is echoed with the lyrics. Vianchi digs deep into what I want to assume is a personal experience and you can feel it with every word. The sound of this song is also impressive, produced by him and mastered by Robert L. Smith, you can certainly tell he had a distinct vision in his head and this collaboration has certainly reaped the benefits of these two powerhouses.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/vianchi/400581496

It’s kind of a shame that the song breezes by even at over 3 minutes, but it has immense -re-listenability and will hopefully be a summertime jam when the world goes back to normal and clubs and parties are thriving once again. Time will only tell where Vianchi goes from here and I’m hopefully optimistic that it won’t take another year to get another track from him, but then again you can’t rush perfection. All in all, I’d give this track a solid 8/10, with the only knocks being some repetitive lyrics, but what’s surrounding the song more than makes up for it.

Troy Johnstone

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